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Females who have been strip searched

Malta security

Posted by CherylT on 2019-04-20 14:33:09

Ok to answer your questions

Were your hands cuffed behind your back or to your front ? Behind my back

Were you told to hold out your hands for the cuffs or did you offer them ? Yes I was told to hold my hands out

Did any of your family or members of the public see you wearing handcuffs ? Yes they would have done

Were you ashamed to be wearing them ? Did you bow your head ? I was ashamed, and probably did bow my head as like I say did feel ashamed.

Did you feel sexually vulnerable while wearing the handcuffs ? Yep suppose I did

What reason was given to you for any stripsearches you experienced ? To check to see I had nothing on me at the time.

Were you always wearing white underwear for these searches ? Not after I was taken to court as I had my own on at that time but in prison yes.

Was it the same prison officers each time ? Not always

Did it ever become a matter of routine, in other words less humiliating ? Matter of routine yes, not really less humilating, not by much anyway

Posted by janiceturner on 2019-04-23 08:40:17

I was submissive at Riyadh cos i had half an hour to think about it, also i worried about the men in the next room. They would have loved excuse to interrupt and help the woman officer.I had to stand with my hands on my head which is obviously submissive

i was anxious to help the Riyadh woman by undressing as quickly as possible, it was such a relief when I got my jeans of cos she could see my knickers, i was obviously not goin to cause trouble. Looking back I wonder if there was a sexual element to that, black knickers always make me feel sexy

I wasnt aroused when the malta search, everything happened so quickly. I get turned on now its safely in the past. Theres something about standing around in your underwear in front of someone you argue with.

Really i was submissive both times cos theres nothing more submissive than taking of your clothes before a stranger


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