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Females who have been strip searched

Malta security

Posted by janiceturner on 2018-11-05 16:08:13

I was recently stripsearched by Malta security, think this deserves a topic of its own since this site is about female stripsearchs.

More to follow

Posted by janiceturner on 2018-11-09 17:12:53

Just been on holiday in Malta with my bf

On the way back we arrived at Valetta in good time, checked in our luggage and passed passport control then reached secuirty. There wasnt much to it just five or so conveyors to put your hand luggage on so it could be x-rayed. There were also arches alongside for the people to walk through. I've been through these arches before and they sound an alarm if there is any metal around your body

Bf and me joined different queues, there were only a couple of people in each. I was slightly delayed by the woman in front of me and by the time I was thru i looked for my bf thinking he was clear.

He was talking to some security people two men and a woman, so i went over. I asked what was happening but this upset security who didnt seem to like interruptions. I persisted, politely i think but one of the men nodded at the woman and she grabbed my arm and pulled me along

I could see an open door ahead and the woman propelled me into it. There were two cubicles with a curtain accross them that looked like a changing room in a clothes shop. There was also a table.

The woman grabbed my bag and put it on the table. I became aware that another security woman had followed us.

The original woman pulled back the curtain and told me to go into the cubicle. She followed so we were facing each other. She told me to take off my clothes down to my underwear which i did, after a short protest

She told me to turn and place my hands against the wall. I did this and could hear her going through my clothes. She told me to turn around again and then started to go on about people not following simple instructions. I didnt understand this but she seemed to lose patience and allowed me to get dressed again

The woman outside the cubicle had obviously searched my bag cos she handed it back to me and smiled

I had a short wait for my bf whowas also searched but we did catch the plane


Posted by Googlieyes12345 on 2018-11-09 19:37:52

So what were you wearing?? Head to toe??

Posted by CherylT on 2018-11-09 19:41:57

Can see why you would have had a short protest.

At least you got to keep your underwear on.

Posted by janiceturner on 2018-11-13 17:35:03


Black vest, white cotton trousers with thin red stripes, flip-flops

I have also been wearing my hair longer recently, shoulder length