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What if the key of freemium models was in machine learning?

Posted by mandiken on 2018-10-17 07:40:24

Imagine, for example, a means of communication: could it be possible that you offer your news in open to all users for free, but also generate an additional offer of services in exchange for a payment to those users who perceive a value in them? ? How many users would be willing to pay, for example, for a warning system really based on their interests, based on everything they read regularly take assignment help, or even to discover those interests even if they were not especially aware of them? What would be the key so that this means of communication could carry out those alerts with a great accuracy and certainty that what is being recommended is really what the user is interested in? Neither more nor less than in the generation and massive analysis of data, precisely what a free model should be able to offer. At what point do Amazon's book recommendations cease to be perceived as an incentive to compulsive buying, and begin to be a valuable or even fundamental service for an expert in a given topic?

Posted by JonsonHervet on 2019-03-27 20:10:03

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