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Females who have been strip searched

Riyadh stripsearch

Posted by Madoc on 2018-11-04 02:01:50

I remember an event my mom told to me about when she was young. One time she found herself, for reasons I don't remember in detail, surrounded by various "friends" of a guy that at the time was her friend (not after that, of course, even if he didn't take active part in the aggression). Maybe they didn't have really "that" intention, but they certainly weren't in good mood either. She began to kick everything and everyone like there was no tomorrow, and it's not like she ever did actual martial arts. At the end apparently they thought it wasn't worth the effort and gave up. She came home full covered in bruise, but safe. My point is, maybe you will be beaten anyway, but rather than just passively submit, better give all the hell you have against who want to hurt you. Whatever the ending will be, you'll have bruises externally and/or internally, so it's more convenient to at least try to avoid that will be easy for who want your bad.

Posted by Leo Picasso on 2019-02-19 06:29:22

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