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Females who have been strip searched

Riyadh stripsearch

Posted by janiceturner on 2018-10-10 12:41:47

Im about to go on holiday so wont post for a bit. I have decided to repeat the story of my Riyadh search in case Goolie or anyone lurking cant manage without me but mainly because I enjoy telling it

I am a nurse working in Saudi Arabia and through customs is always difficult.

One time my suitcase was being searched along with the other paasengers when suddenly the official walked away with my passport. One of the other officials told me to follow him with my case, I had to virtually run to keep up while holding my suitcase which was still open, so my clothes were falling out.

I reached the customs room where there were a load of officials waiting and when I arrived there was a buzz of excitement and some wolf whistles. I was in shock at been taken away from the other paasengers and breathless with the effort of running and holding my case and really nervous about what was going to happen, especially about my passport.

There was a halfhour wait I recovered my composure and felt better even a bit bored. I saw a separate room with stripsearch sign on the doorand knew what was going to happen. There was a man stripsearched before me. At one stage the door came open and I could see the man half undressed.It all seemed so unreal, one memory I do have is a feeling of relief when I recalled I was wearing my new bra. I was mainly worried about what was going to happen in the long term, going to prison etc , but I was concerned when many saudis went into the stripsearch room because I really didn't want to be searched in front of an audience.

One of the customs men told me that we were waiting for a woman officer. He did say I could be searched by a man if I prefered. I refused, not with good grace. This could have been a problem. There are not many female workers at Riyadh airport and there have been cases where girls have been searched by men. If the wait had been several hours I may have had no choice.

I did get some taunting, when the man was taken for the search one of the saudis pointed to the sign saying "stripsearch room" and said "you next" and grinned at me. When the woman arrived and I was led into the room there were wolf whistles again. Nothing to bad really but not nice.

I followed the woman into the room and it was me that closed the door and made certain it was properly latched so it wouldn't swing open by accident. It wasn't locked and I was nervous that one of the men might come in. I didn't have to strip straight away. The woman took my suitcase and put it on the table. Then she stepped toward me with hands outstretched annd I spread myself to be frisked. After that she told me to undress and sat down at the table to watch I don't think she spoke much English. The order of undressing and when I stopped was my decision.When she told me to undress which was still a shock even though expected. Hard to say how I felt, I think helpless is the best word.

I tried to take of my clothes as quickly as possible, worried about the men and wanting the procedure to be over as soon as possible. The abaya has buttons on front from the waist upwards to the neck and they are very fiddly. I tried to undo them and just got in a muddle, not helped because my hands were shaking, nerves I think. I could see the woman getting impatient. Funny how her veil made her eyes more expressive. In the end I pulled the abaya off without doing all the buttons.

I was wearing flat casual shoes, tan coloured and they came off easily. My jeans were blue and in decent condition just a little faded, and certainly had no holes. When it came to taking them off I was still trying to hurry and struggled with the belt. It was such a relief when I managed to get them down, because I thought it showed I would make no trouble.

She was watching me very carefully and I knew I was showing my knickers - black and fairly low cut. Fairly sexy I think, not that she saw me that way, I hope she didn't anyway. Anyway her reaction seemed to be a kind of triumph and contempt, I wondered if it was because I am European.

I put my clothes on the table after taking them off and after I had put my jeans there she started to look through them. It upset me to see her treating my clothes like rags. I had been wearing them a minute earlier. Clothes are such a part of a womans identity. She searched my abaya, shoes and jeans while I waited. She looked up from her search and seemed to expect more. I took off my t-shirt and then my bra. The t-shirt was light grey with a red and green splurge on the front. I think it looks like a dragon though others disagree. My bra was brand new and white. When she had checked my shirt and bra she waved me away and checked my suitcase. I covered my breasts with my hands and stood there. She told me to put my hands on my head.I was in just my knickers for about 5 minutes when she did this. It all seemed mre relaxed after I took my jeans of because I'd made myself subordinate to her. She seemed to see me as an arrogant European so i guess she would be pretty happy to see me in my knickers. I certainly wasnt going to make any trouble like that.

I know that standing with my hands on my head immoblises me but it is a very degrading position. I stood with my legs apart. Partly this is instinctive to help keep your balance but of course its also quite submissive. I couldn't cover my breasts and felt very vulnerable snd exposed. It was sexually humiliating because my body was completely on display. I was terrified that some of the men woud come in from the other room.

I think that the woman had decided that I had nothing to hide so didn't bother searching further. She obviously had a lot of work on and probably wanted to get on with the next search.

I don't think a woman who has been stripsearched looks any different. I did feel rather subdued when I left and there was a definite atmosphere of triumph / gloating / call it what you will. I think the men enjoyed the idea of me stripping though they hadn't seen it.

Someone from the hospital who saw me being taken away. She asked afterwards what had happened and I said just questions

i am happy to discuss all this with anyone. it wasnt a fun experience but I find talking about it turns me on


Posted by Madoc on 2018-10-10 13:55:21

Even if I had to wait, I would have no problem in that.

Posted by janiceturner on 2018-10-10 14:46:11

Anything u want to say now i may have time to answer

Posted by Madoc on 2018-10-10 17:15:23

Oh, I think you misanderstood, I was referring to the part in which you say that, if a officier of your gender is not available, you could have to wait. I'd have no problem, rather than the alternative.

Posted by janiceturner on 2018-10-10 21:32:02

I had to wait half an hour, would have waited longer if required but there would have to be a limit

The men obviously wanted to search me and i thought they might make me wait all night for a female officer, there have been rumours that men have searched women previously tho i dont know if they are true