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Females who have been strip searched

The stripsearch of Janice Turner

Posted by janiceturner on 2017-07-24 08:23:37


Thanks for the guidance of how you plan to handle the stripsearch. Lets see how it goes in practice, which includes my comments and reactions. Please change your procedure if this right.

As I said I am standing in front of you in a black jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans. I have short black hair, smallish breasts, and I've been told a cute bum. I'm not tall and in my late twenties.

When I am in the room with you I am feeling confident because I know I am dressed fairly cool. Whatever happens can't last too long and I will be with my boyfriend. I am not worried about you making me wait because we are waiting for a woman to conduct the proper search, if it even happens at all that is. I don't understand the point of your questions but answer them anyway. When you want to frisk me I wonder if you think I'm hot and just want to touch me. Well thats all your going to do so I turn my back on you and place my hands against the wall. I'm surprised that you are so professional and dont take more advantage of the situation.

"OK Janice take your boots and socks off and place them beside you"

I can't believe what I am hearing.

"Are you serious ? What makes you think I'm going to undress in front of you ? Isn't this kind of search supposed to be carried out by a woman ?"

What do you do now ? What do you say (exactly) ? Just your immediate reaction and first comment please and I will give my response

Posted by whipigorus on 2017-07-27 20:56:55

Sitting at the edge of the table, I listen calmly at your little speech and your atempt to teach me how to do my job. After your finished I sigh half pretending i am tired of hearing simular outbursts from other wome,

I simply stand up and walk before you lokking you right in the eyes.

" A woman is not avelible to search you, there might be one tomorrow morning, but that is if we can find a replacemant for the regular who is on a maternity leave right now. "

I make a short pouse so you can absorb my words before continuining. " Now Janice, we can do the stripsearch now, and you will be out of here in half an hour or so, or if you so insist you can wait until tomorrow, and I cant even guarantee there will be a woman avelible. We dont have any facilities to acomodate you over night here on the airport, which means i am going to pick up that phone there and arrange for your transport to the nearest jail. There you will have to spend the night in the company of some... less then pleasent characters. "

Again I make a short pouse before giving my final argument. " Ah yes, I bellive in the jail thry will stripsearch you as part of the intake procedure, and i can assure you the bitches there are not nice, so Janice what is going to be ? "

Posted by janiceturner on 2017-07-27 21:53:08

When you look me in the eyes I stare straight back, I'm not the sort of girl to be upset by someone like you, I'm confident and know my rights

This is a difficult situation though. I want to see my boyfriend tonight, I know he'll worry and what will he think if he hears I spent the night in jail. Against that do I really want a creep like you to see me naked, your probably lying about the woman anyway, there may be one in the next room and I never know. But I have to decide.

"I wish to register a formal protest. I do not believe there is no woman available."

Reluctantly I then say

"I cannot spend the night in jail so I will submit to a stripsearch by you. You understand that I must be treated with respect."

Its unfortunate, you don't seem very respectful

I pause for a mment then add "You need to know that I will report this outrage to my embassy."

I bend down to take off one boot and then the other. I stand holding them both in my right hand. I throw them down at my feet to show my disgust. One lands close by but the other rolls into the corner behind you. I wonder whether to take my socks off

Posted by janiceturner on 2017-08-23 13:49:10

I am a little nervous at your silence and worry that I may have gone to far. I think back to Riyadh and how theres only one way this is going to end and its only going to be more humiliating, making a big performance about my rights and then taking my clothes of anyway. You look like you would enjoy that.

So I go and pick up the boot and put it down by the other, then I take of my socks and put them on top of the boots. I feel quite sexy in my bare feet, I,ve often taken of my shoes and socks at parties and I'm wearing turqioise on my toe-nails.

I say, as meekly as I can

"I'm sorry. We seem to have made a bad start. I promise to do everything you say. What do you want me to do next ?"

Tell me what you think of me, what you do and the next thing you say (exact words) and I will give you my response.

Posted by Googlieyes123 on 2017-09-13 16:42:22

Can I ask what kind of shoes and socks your wearing exactly ??