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Females who have been strip searched

stopped at the airport - continued

Posted by janiceturner on 2017-05-23 12:23:06

This is just intended as a continuation of the previous discussion

Posted by janiceturner on 2017-05-23 12:33:07

Thanks to Saundra, this is how I intend to dress for the airport in future.

I won't be wearing jeans. The only way to properly search them is to take them off. I have a loose fitting skirt that can be lifted easily to the waist. I will be wearing knickers under it just in case I am frisked in public. I have several shirts which can be unbuttoned and can manage without a bra.

Saundra, perhaps you can suggest the best way to behave at the airport.

I recall that you said previously that the more you resist the more the customs people will make a show of it. I think that I made mistakes at Riyadh so would like to learn.

Posted by Saundralefort on 2017-05-23 21:58:21

Just be prepared to obey. If they need to pay you down then assume an easy position without question. Spread your legs and raise your arms above your head without hesitation. It's easier just for them to squeeze your boobs quick then strip you right? Don't budge and let them flip your skirt up if necessary and I know this is tough but don't resist if they need to tug your panties down or even off to check.

Posted by janiceturner on 2017-05-24 16:40:57

Is it really necessary that my arms are above my head ? It seems so abject. When I was frisked at Riyadh my arms were spread but no higher than the waist.

Other than that I think you're right. Part of me wants to throw my weight around and create a scene but they do have all the power. I don't fancy allowing some customs official the satisfaction of watching me strip down anyway, after giving it the big I am.

The woman at Riyadh touched my boobs but didn't really squeeze them. I can cope with that.

I must admit that I am very nervous about having my skirt flipped up. It seems very disrespectful,particularly if it happens in public.

Better make sure I wear a nice pair of knickers.

Posted by Saundralefort on 2017-05-24 19:33:57

Raising your arms above your head is a vulnerable position. You aren't likely to be able to reach for a weapon or something if you're standing like I've described. I gives the guards a sense of security and control. Or if it's easier for you you could just get naked before security. But I figure you'd go for the pat down instead