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Females who have been strip searched

New poll on skin-to-skin pat down of kids at airports

Posted by Sylveef on 2015-06-13 20:40:36

June 13, 2015

Re: New poll on forcible strip search of kids

Hi Everybody,

Summer has approached and there is a holiday-travel rush. With new advisories and quality enforcements, more thorough screenings at airport.

I have launched a new poll Airport Security and Kids 6. Link of this poll is:


This poll is sequel to my Airport Security and Kids Polls (Main, 1-5). In these polls I have tried to discuss various issues, which arose from time to time. With the threat to airports and airlines increasing day-by-day, new methods of sabotage tried out by people of a sick mind, time and resource constraints by airport screening staff and overburdening because of work (with the current revelation that they have missed out many prohibited items during screening) and pressure to perform better (they may be given targets to strip search/pat down so many kids during a day's work) , at times search/pat-down gets rough with kids. Smaller kids resist these procedures out of various concerns. For the purpose of this poll, kid means a pre-pubertal boy or girl under the age of 11. This poll tries to address issues related to these procedures and tries to find ways to minimize their adverse affects on the personality of a child. Please fill out experiences of only one kid (if more than one kids experienced such treatment at airport), which you consider most educational from the point of view of research and policy making (to make these procedures least distressing and maximize safety). Include only the case in which a child's clothing is damaged (torn or cut off) during the process of removal/rearrangement.

Please vote and leave comments.

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Have save holidays.


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