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Females who have been strip searched

stopped at the airport

Posted by w4ever2 on 2014-01-29 08:43:06

Good Janey. If you resisted then I'd need to perform a thorough background check on you as well. As it is you already would have to be naked and hand over all luggage and your purse to be searched. I had to search a woman today who didn't want to go through the sensor because she said she was pregnant. So I had to check her over and verify her claim. I had to insist that all of her clothes be removed and be handed over to be checked. Then I had to physically check her. I squeezed her breaststo check for aanything hidden. And checked inside her rectum and vagina. To ensure her claim was true I had to give her a pregnancy test and watch her take it to be sure she wasn't cheating .

Posted by w4ever2 on 2014-02-05 12:17:09

How would you handle it if your clothes were confiscated Janey? The pregnant woman was not allowed to have hers back and she got a nice little trim of hair during the search.

Posted by Janey2001 on 2014-02-08 15:53:36

If my clothes were confiscated (why would that happen exactly?) I would I suppose be obliged to continue my journey naked (but at least let me have my shoes, please?) In that case I would simply have to brazen in out, stiff upper whatever and best $%!@ forward. Any attempt at shyness or covering would be counterproductive, as this is exactly what draws attention and excites. I would just have to try my best to act just as if I were clothed. It would be a rather surreal experience, and I think I might start to get high on it. After all I wouldn't be to blame, it was imposed upon me, I'd just have to get on with it.

Now I'm thinking, maybe I was on my way to a marketing event where I had to give a presentation in front of hundreds of people, and I needed to go straight there. Would the momentum and the high be enough to carry me through the experience, still nude of course, or would I somehow chicken out and hate myself ever after ...

Posted by awayness on 2014-02-08 23:55:08

I have observed that people who are too reluctant to get naked are often only reluctant because of how they think other people will think it was their idea. More situations that are out of your hands means more times to go nude without being questioned. there might be a poll in there somewhere

Posted by w4ever2 on 2014-02-10 09:39:17

Your clothes could be confiscated if there was suspicion that they may have any kind of illegal substances or residues on them. What do you think about someone having hair shaved during a search Janey?