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daughters spanking parents


Posted by Kaisa-J on 2014-04-19 22:25:35

Dear little Joanna. You don’t have to apologize; I understand that in your own best interest you are restricted and moderated in many ways and cannot always answer quickly. Sex is not something overgrown little girls like you should be interested in at all but without proper discipline you soon become wayward, naughty and promiscuous tarts who bring shame on your daughters. But promiscuity can be cured; it took me a while to cure my mom of it and most of the time her bottom was so sore that it brought tears to her eyes when she sat down but today she is so modest and chaste that just thinking of sex frightens her. Fiona and her cane will get you there too so don’t worry. Please tell Fiona that she is very welcome to contact me so that we can discuss how to straighten out and taking proper care of naughty immature mothers. Kaisa

Posted by Joanna122 on 2014-04-26 19:20:07

Dear Kaisa,

I love it that you talk to me like a naughty little girl. Do you treat your mother like that too? It excites me very much but that turned out to be bad because the excitement made me misbehave and I was caned for it. Tonight I am being left with my baby sitter (she is 19) who is very strict so I am expecting to be punished tonight too. Fiona is going out with her girl friend and I admit I am rather cross. Why should Fiona be allowed dates and sex with her girl friend, when I am allowed nothing? Perhaps you can explain because she won't. She just says that I am to do as I am told. It isn't fair.

I am to tell you that Fiona will write to you after the weekend and send you her email address so that she and you can discuss how to deal with immature mothers. She says she is looking forward to it but that once she starts talking to you, she will not let me use this communication channel very much because she will be the one talking to you. Once again, it isn't fair.

I am must go and get into my nightie before the babysitter comes. I can't help feeling that you might be a better and kinder "mom" than Fiona is.

Love from Joanna

Posted by Kaisa-J on 2014-04-27 13:21:36

And why should you not be spoken to as a little naughty girl? Good little girls blush and lower their eyes just they hear the word sex or anything relating to sex. Only very bad and immodest little girls like you are obsessed with sex and when they talk about sex like you do they need to have their bottoms spanked and their mouths soaped. You are mentally too puerile understand what sex is about and you just think it is interesting because you know that in your childish world it is something naughty and you love everything naughty. Fiona is an adult and what she does or does not with her girl fried does not concern you and of course Fiona owes a little naughty girl no explanation. And you certainly are naughty, childish and disrespectful when you think that you can decide what is unfair. You are incorrigible immature and can never grow up so you just have to focus on being a good, sweet, modest, obedient, quiet, polite and humble little girl. Only one thing is more annoying than a little girl being a noisy, disobedient and immodest little hussy and that is an overgrown, hopelessly immature, noisy, disobedient and immodest hussy. I certainly hope that the babysitter knows how to handle a pert and impudent little hussy. Hopefully Fiona will tell her that it is no good to be lenient with you and instruct her not to spare the rod. Kaisa

Posted by Sally3 on 2015-06-11 21:20:31

Dear Miss Kaisa,

When you talk to Joanna like that, it makes me realize how far my own daughter is taking me down the same path. She is married no and i live with her and her husband. She takes total charge of me herself, though she does ask her husband to thrash me with a cane when she thinks i need a really good lesson. I know i am all the things you call Joanna, they are just the things my daughter tells me daily. They have a large house but i must sleep in the smallest bedroom. All my adult and sexy clothes have been thrown out and she dresses me and talks to me like a little girl. When i whine, she calls me disrespectful and spanks me on the spot, whoever is around. I try to be obedient and submissive, but often i forget and then she spanks me long and hard and makes me go naked all day, do extra chores, and puts me in the corner for a long time. I have no partner or anything but i am a highly sexed adult, not a ten year old. She uses a baby monitor to make sure i am not enjoying illicit feelings. My son-in-law has removed the door from my little bedroom and i must ask permission to use the bathroom. I must always leave the bathroom door open and must wear a diaper at night that makes any self-indulgence hard. If she catches me she whips me between the legs in diaper position till i can't stand another lash.

I was going to ask if you thought it fair for a young woman to treat her own mother like this, but i can guess what you will say. She tells me it is all for my own good and i do not dare to contradict her. She is thew responsible one now - i guess i never was - so i have no alternative but to obey.

My daughter Mary made me delete my old e-mail, but i now made a new one - sally3@vfemail.net. Sally

Posted by Kres on 2016-03-13 06:43:22

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