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daughters spanking parents


Posted by janet100 on 2013-12-09 18:49:29

My mother describes herself very well--couldn't have said it better myself. Things are going so much smoother now she understands and accepts what she needs and deserves. She needs a lot of structure and discipline. She responds best when the discipline is frequent and severe.

Posted by Joanna122 on 2013-12-28 09:50:02

Dear Janet, as you know I am treated just like your mother is by my daughter, and for the same reasons. She also believes that frequent discipline produces the best results and she believes it should hurt. But she does differ from you over severity. She dies not give very severe discipline but believes that shame, embarrassment and humiliation are a stronger deterrent and for me they are. So, I am always punished in front of others - family sometimes (although my mother is punished too), my friends or my daughter's friends and mothers and this is acutely embarrassing. For an adult (even if I do not behave like one) to have my naked marked bottom on show as I wriggle across the lap of a much younger woman in public is very shaming. She has also allowed some of her friends or their mothers to discipline me if it is appropriate. I always finish howling in tears of pain and humiliation and I always do corner time with my spanked bottom on display, whoever is there and cry for most of it. The most shaming thing of all, which has happened a few times, is to be spanked or caned in front of strangers. I have a 19 year old babysitter when my daughter is out and she is also allowed to discipline me.

I think this has improved my behaviour except in one respect. Punishment always arouses me sexually, but I am not allowed relief, either by $%!@ion or by my spanker. But I cannot cope with none and my daughter has at last recognised that. I do get sexual relief from a woman at work, although I am never allowed to $%!@e myself and sometimes am put into diapers to make sure I can't. My daughter allows this exception at work, provided it is only occasional and I tell her about it. I can't get away with it since my underwear and $%!@ are inspected whenever I come home from work and she would know if I haven't told her.

Perhaps you think we are weird, but then many people might think you and your mother are too. It works for us and it helps us to know that you are there and in the same boat, so to speak. We just wish that we were back in touch with you.

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year. Love Joanna xx

Posted by Joanna122 on 2014-01-01 19:31:03

Hello Kaisa-J,

I am sorry that I have taken so long to get back to you. Partly it was as a result of a major hiccup in our arrangements here which was my fault and for which I was properly and very severely punished and grounded. Then I didn't want to admit to my daughters that I was on here and talking to you- needless to say in the end it came out and I was severely punished for that too and for not admitting it. However my elder daughter, the one who disciplines me, would very much like to correspond with you and exchange notes. She will not come on her because of the risk to her job should she ever be found out or this site to appear on her work computer. She has set up an email with a pseudonym, though I am sure she will tell you her real name if and when you are chatting, and she has told me to ask you to contact her on carolhart747@gmail.com.

Naturally I am a shade nervous about this because I imagine she may learn from you other, and severe ways to punish me. I know very well that I am thoroughly immature and irresponsible and need to be properly controlled and disciplined but I don't really like severe punishments or the humiliating ones to which I am often subjected. But I am sure that you and my daughter will have a lot in common although I guess there are one or two things which you will disagree about.

And yes, we are fairly open to people we trust about our strange relationship and we are not unique in our area either. We have persuaded at least one other mother and daughter to do the same thing and sometimes the other mother and I are disciplined together. I am quite often punished in front of other people.

I do hope you will contact Fiona (my daughter) - she will certainly think that I have failed badly if you don't.

Posted by Kaisa-J on 2014-03-26 22:59:52

Joanna, I am sure that Fiona and I will both enjoy and benefit from discussing how to handle naughty and childish mothers. No doubt also our mother will benefit. Please tell Fiona that I wrote to her. KaisaJ

Posted by Joanna122 on 2014-04-19 17:46:25

Dear Kaisa-J,

I am sorry I have not been on here for a while. I had my internet restricted by Fiona because she caught me watching porn; I was caned too in front of some of her friends until I was howling like a baby which was very embarrassing obviously and I had to do naked corner time as well. The fact is that I really cannot cope with the virtually no-sex regime she wants to impose, but I am always caught out when I $%!@e or watch porn or whatever. I have one outlet that Fiona doesn't know about at work, and that keeps me going. But I will tell her that you wrote. She has changed her email and I can't give it to you without her permission although I think, indeed I am sure, that she would like to discuss with you the problems of disciplining childish mothers like me and your mother. Shall I ask her and give you her email if she agrees? I am due my weekly maintenance spanking shortly, as usual given in front of the family and followed by an hour of corner time and then early bed. I am as always quite nervous just before it because I don't know what she will use to do it with. I feel sure my behaviour is improving but Fiona says she can see no end to this regime. Joanna