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Car wash fund raisers

Responses to Q16: Revealing outfits

Posted by OddR on 2013-11-16 17:43:19

Nov 15 - responses to: Tell us the most revealing outfits you've actually seen or worn for a car wash or other fund raising event? Approximately what age were the participants?

I love to wear my bikini

The most revealing I wore was a bikini and warmup shorts for a school car wash. I have also worn my cheerleading uniform, softball uniform, jean shorts and t shirt.

"My daughter and her friends are Cheerleaders. The school didn't have the extra money for them. The girls all on their own, wanted to raise the money themselves. The first couple times, they wore the usual shorts/tank tops or bikini tops. They didn't too bad but they wanted more. Since were basically nudists, my daughter asked me about helping her set up the next car wash to where maybe her and a few others could have a separate area and wash the cars naked. I made a few calls to friends to pass the word around to those that would love it. We held it on my buddies lot, just outside of town. Only the girls my daughter got knew of what they'd be doing. The others just thought they were doing detail work out of the sun, like waxing, which they did as well. We had a canvas type tent, much like what a detailer would use, that had huge opening on each end big enough for a car to go through with mesh screen windows. There was room enough for the girls to run around and play while washing the cars. We would keep the openings closed when a car was in there and of course the girls kept over sized shirts all over the place, so if they had to cover in a hurry, it wasn't a problem. Plus they would wear them if they left the tent. I'd stay in there to watch most times, other times we left them to themselves and the man getting washed. We had several prices, the basic was for them to stay in the car and watch, then we charged more for them to get out and walk around for a better look and even more if they wanted to get 'hands on' and help the girls. "


I've seen girls look $%!@ty who were as young as 13, up to college age. Though a lot of skin helps, a lot more comes out of how the girls behave. Stroking and fondling themselves, or appearing to seduce either drivers or any boys who also happen to be working will prompt more. Of course, there'll have to be someone near to provide security. Some males don't recognize that behaving $%!@ty is probably just a tease, not a real solicitation.

Really not very revealing. I think the most was cheerleaders who didn't wear the panty that comes with the uniform but their own choice of underwear.

I like when, in warmish weather, GUYS wear shorts and take off their shirts. I think it's fine if we all get soaked and enjoy each other's company. But I don't like your implication that the only reasons girls should or do participate is so perverts like you can stare at us and maybe sneak a feel. Sometimes girl wear bikini, and we do it because it's hot, we've got a body that looks good in it, and, we're interested in showing what we have either to some of the guys in our group, or to our boyfriends, or potential boyfriends, who are sure to come through the wash line with every vehicle they can find. But that's not the same as trying to arouse lechers and perverts, which is what you sound like.

thong bikini for a car wash - 18

I've seen girls- mid to late teens- wearing bikinis. They were giving a completely PG car wash. I was so disappointed.

Mostly bikinis and short shorts. some girls wear thongs, but i've seen some girls sent home for that. i think any dress is fine to get people to come in for the car wash. if it was a private event, even flashing crotches would be fun lol, i laughed at that option - clever, would definitely get the guys attention.

It's clear that you have a one track mind, and I don't just mean just sex. You asked whether I was a guy or a girl, yet all your questions assumed that only naked girls will bring in customers. It can certainly be a two-way street. Girls have money too, and cars that need washing. Cute guys offering most of what they have, even if it's just to look at, can draw in business. Believe me! I've seen high school band members and basketball or swim teams draw well. They didn't just draw me. One of the neatest groups I saw once was a group of deaf kids of all ages. They all talked among themselves in sign, and the older ones conducted the business. You could see they weren't very used to talking out loud, but a couple of those older guys, I think they were like 16 or 17, were real hunks. They had on shorts and shirts with the sleeves torn off. It would have been nice if they'd taken the shirts off altogether, but oh well. I could tell from just looking them up and down that just because they were deaf didn't mean they weren't normal otherwise. I wished I'd been able to stay in town to learn more about them.

A girl, perhaps 10 was wearing shorts and a bikini top when I went to the shops. She was washing a neighbours car. I told her which my car was and she agreed to wash it. I returned about an hour later and she had taken off her shorts and bikini top and was wearing just the bikini bottoms. She said it felt more comfortable.

I have seen one-piece swimsuits, bikinis and gym uniforms for car washes. The girls always get wet. I have seen a lot of school uniforms, cheerleader uniforms and girl scout uniforms for bake sales, gunge and dunk tanks. It was amazing seeing girls getting gunged and dunked in their school uniforms. The white blouses looked great. Their skirts would float up in the dunk tank to reveal their nice white cotton panties. The ages of the participants ranged from under ten to early twenties. There was a kissing booth once where the girls were wearing their school uniforms. They were blindfolded and their hands were tied behind their backs. I bought tickets to kiss each one and my favorite three times.

In high school I used to help out our football team with there car washes every summer cuz I was good friends with lots of players. I always wore a bikini top and either short shorts or a mini skirt. I was 15-17 when I did it.


Hey! You've been leaving out half the population! It's obvious that you're a guy or a lesbian, probably a guy, because your whole idea of sexy is girls. I'm a girl; I'm not all that excited by looking at other girls. But, if a carwash has lots of topless guys in tight, tight shorts, sure, I might give them the business, and sure, if they talk to me, are funny, and try real hard, especially if I happen to know any of 'em, I might even pay extra. I'm no feminist, but your survey was so slanted I had to speak up. Half the population would much rather look at the skin of wet (or dry) guys with almost nothing on than at wet or dry girls with almost nothing on. And that works with dunk games, door-to-door sales, "Slave" auctions (I'd really pay more if I could buy a guy for more than a day!), craft fairs, even regular fairs (I like when I walk through the barns at our county fair in the hot summertime and see hot farmboys who have peeled off their shirts, and are in just jeans or shorts and boots). Last year some guys had put a bball hoop up, and they were out playing between showing. The beef I most admired at that fair didn't have four legs.

I'm on a swim team and we do fundraising car washes in our uniforms, one-piece speedos for the girls and bikini bottoms for the guys. Alot of the time the girls will just wear bikinis or a bikini bottom and a white t-shirt.

I'm ## and have done a private group car wash naked and raised a lot of money

swimming costume teens

White pinafores which got quite see through when wet. the girls were aged 13 to 18


Eh, 16-18ish, bathing suit + white (wet) shirt and short shorts.

nude, boys and girls about 12-16 yo (Seriously?)

I have seen a garage sale in our street where some girls sold stuff for their girl scout group. It was a group of 6 girls. 4 of them between 10 and 14 years were wearing samll bikinis and 2 girls between 8 and 10 years wear just bikini bottoms. It seems they knew that sex sells. A few were not happy that they put on quite a show but most people said its good to see that the girls do something to support their scout group instead of sitting around and just watching TV. I admit that I even buyed stuff I will never use. But the idea of the girls was great.

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Posted by shaun h on 2013-11-27 22:28:32

My college basketball team did a car wash to raise funds for the local hospital. All we wore was either a pair of speedos, or board shorts. (I took the shorts option). We're gonna do it again next summer, and I'm thinking of going for the speedos this time, especially since I've been working out. Lets face it, the girls really like a well-ripped body, especially with a good tan!

Posted by 44DD on 2014-04-13 00:41:10

No one will believe this story as no one ever does. My uni netball team needed to raise £3,000 for a trip to play in a tournament in France. We organised a few events including a quiz night and a sponsored walk but we raised less than £1,000. One of the other girls suggested a car wash to try and raise some more funds which we all thought was a good idea. We did one wearing our netball kits at which we raised £750. We only had 2 weeks left to make enough money to pay for the trip and we held a meeting to discuss how we could raise almost £1,500 quickly. We were talking in one of our dorms when one of the guys who also lived there jokingly said he would pay more to have his car washed if we were topless. We laughed it off but later in the evening we still hadn't thought up any ideas. We had been drinking and one of the girls said I wonder if the topless thing would actually work. I straight away said I wouldn't do it along with 2 of the other girls but the other 7 girls in our squad started discussing it as a serious option. The guy who had originally suggested it came back in and the girls asked him how much he'd pay. He said £50 if some of us were topless or £100 if all of us were. A couple of his mates were with him this time and they agreed to match it for the same deal. After hearing how much we could make just off these 3 the other girls were even more certain they wanted to do it and they managed to persuade one of the other 2 to go along with it. Me and Rebecca were then the only 2 still against it. The boys left and it turned a little nasty with the other 8 girls saying me and Rebecca were letting the team down if we refused. Eventually the pressure became too much and we agreed. We had to speak to our uni to allow it which they did after A LOT of meetings. We had to do it after 10pm and were only allowed to advertise it to fellow students. We arranged it for 4 days later and when the night came about we washed cars topless until 3am. We made £3,200 just from this so made our target easily and so had spending money for our trip. It was crazy but not as scary as I anticipated it being!!!

Posted by shaun h on 2014-04-19 12:11:12

Hey, I believe you! face it, some folks are just so dumb they think anything like this HAS to be made up. Anyway, I'm posting here to say thanks to all the folks who gave for our semi-naked car wash last weekend. Yep, all the guys on the basketball team stripped down to either a jockstrap or a swim thong, and washed cars to raise funds for the local children's hospice. And if you're wondering, all I wore was a flesh colored thong, which got semi transparent when my pal threw a bucket of water over me! Good job the cops didn't turn up, else I'd have been arrested! As I was saying, we made over $800 for the kids, and I'm proud to say, nobody refused to give us some cash, even if it was only loose coins. Thanks again folks!

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