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boys in the nude

Two boys

Posted by real together guy on 2015-05-01 13:12:51

The first time Bobby and I took off our clothes in his bedroom we were nine. All we wanted to do was look. But that was only the first time. As we grew older we grew bolder. Sometimes we did it in his room, sometimes in mine. Whenever we were home alone, or sleeping over we would get naked for some experimenting. We tried everything we could think of, including some quite kinky stuff, I have never had a boys hand inside my clothing or all over me without any clothing on so much. Bobby taught me about mastabation, I think as soon as he knew about it. We had never heard of a hand or blow job, but by the age of about 13 these were a regular part of our play, even before I was able to squirt. Sometimes he squirted his jizz on my face. We whiled away many hours happily exploring, experimenting and jerking each other. Nothing was off limits ii once we were naked, and undressing never took us long. I acted as a live model for his studies in boy anatomy, and he did for mine.

Sometimes we kissed- his mouth tasted good even before I had tasted a girl. It was fun for two naked boys to romp together on the bed, and the first time he stayed over we slept together in the big bed in my room. It was fun for us to be in his bed together because there was never much room, so we had to get intimate and cozy, which is just what we wanted.

I remember Bobby arriving at my house once, when I was home alone and naked. He jerked me as never before. It felt sooo good. He edged me for ages, until I was screaming for him to let me come. When I did my jizz erupted and just kept on coming.

His Mom was downstairs the time we dashed naked to the bathroom and shaved of all our pubes.

Bobby now has fun with his boyfriend Tom Dee. I am going with Denis, although her real name is Denise. Bobby and I sometimes talk about the fun times we had experimenting when we were growing up. We had a lot of fun with each others bodies, and I can still remember how it felt to be under his hands, and to feel his naked young boy body under mine. Fond memories. Maybe, but that is all they will ever be. We have both grown up and moved on.


Posted by Charlton on 2015-09-22 16:58:27

You have great memories. I am only 14 and have a small circle of boys who like nothing better than to get naked and indulge in mutual wanking, blowjobs and dildo fun. Roll on the weekends. Charlton.

Posted by Robbie di Macchio on 2015-10-07 16:09:54

Do you like to cuddle up with the boys in your circle to get close and intimate or stick to sex play?


Posted by Charlton on 2015-12-07 09:40:18

I think that the only way to cuddle my mates is all to be naked. Of course sex play happens in the way of mutual wanking and sucking but not intercourse. Dildo play features highly on our agenda. Charlton.