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Teen boy's underwear

the best option -- switching to a supporter

Posted by 4jockstraps on 2013-08-10 16:58:57

Most boys don't have talks about growing up with their fathers any more, and it's too bad, because the best option for teenage boys isn't even discussed in most homes.

The best thing for teen boys to be wearing is a supporter (jockstrap). A jock can prevent problems that no guy wants to have. Boys should switch before puberty, ideally age 10, to help get used to it easier, and stay strapped through their teen years. Then as an adult a man can wear whatever he wants.

When they're 12-15, some boys do spend a lot of time worrying about what their classmates will think and concerned about bullying, but underwear choices shouldn't be based on that (and I should hope a boy would be able to stick up for himself, at least by using words)!

Not all guys feel this way, but some guys think wearing a jock is the ultimate expression of masculinity!  It reinforces the sense that a boy is becoming a man. In other words, not something to make fun of, not worth picking on a guy for; instead, if guys see you strapped, they give you respect!