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Whats the average penis and mine (guys only please)

my $%!@

Posted by smar on 2013-07-28 22:05:45

My $%!@ is 5 inches when erect. Whenever I had a physical exam as a child, my $%!@ always got measured.

Posted by Robert1948 on 2013-08-17 06:07:58

I love your honesty. Most would say that they are 6 7 or even 8. I am about 4 1/2. Robert.

Posted by smar on 2013-08-18 03:24:52

No problem. I don't understand why guys really care how big their $%!@ is anyway. The important thing is that women want to give me lots of $%!@s, blowjobs, titwanks, footjobs, and toejobs when they see my $%!@!

Posted by DeepFriedFat on 2013-12-19 23:26:54

I remeber watching a TV programme about this presenter guy talking about real $%!@ sizes and he wanted to enlarge his but his was already 9" and he spoke to a few rugby men, and most of them were honest and said his their packages were around 5-6" but this one guy insisted his was 12". it was so funny!

Posted by Charlton on 2015-09-22 10:57:40

I am 14 and my size is 5 and 1/2 inches when hard.