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Kids changing clothes in car

friends family

Posted by tommywilson on 2014-10-20 01:47:53

WOW, I love misterpoll. I started looking into spanking polls and found this one.

Below is a story I wrote for a spanking poll, it gives you some idea where I'm coming from. My friends stepdad makes his sisters change in the car all the time. They don't even mind doing it. He's had the chance to make my sister do the same thing when he like picks us up or drops us off someplace because our parents are busy. She hates it, but she does it because hes an adult and you gotta do what he says. My friend and I love watching the girls change.

Hi, I'm new to misterpoll and did a search on spankings because my friends family is kinda cool. I'm 11 and have a 7yo sister. My best friend is also 11 and he has 3 sisters, though his youngest sister is really his 1/2 sister. His mom married his stepdad when he 7, almost 8. His stepdad is really funny. He's the "grabby" type that it mentioned here. He is always patting and slapping his sister behinds as well as pinching them. He does it to my sister too sometimes when we are around him. He doesn't bother us boys. My sister hates it, but puts up with it because she doesnt want to be rude to him. My friends sisters like it we think. They always smile after a swat or pinch. To be honest, we love watching it. We think its fun.

My sister and I are not spanked by our parents, but my friends stepdad does spank them. My friend said he never really got it much, but his sisters get it all the time. His mom says thats because they are naughty girls. Sometimes we wonder if maybe his stepdad just likes spanking them, because he seems to spank them for just about any reason. We both think thats cool, because sometimes we get to watch. I mean my friend gets to see them get spanked all the time of course. But if I'm over there, and I'm over there a lot since hes my best friend, I sometimes get to watch too. I love watching them get spanked because he always spanks them on their bare bottom. LOL. Sometimes he spanks them not too hard with his hand, other times really hard with his hand and sometimes he will use a paddle. DAMN, thats gotta sting. He told his oldest sister hes gonna start using the belt on her when shes 10. IDK, but that sounds a bit cruel to me. What do you all think?

But my favorite has to be birthday spankings. His mom married his stepmom a month before my friend turned 8. The funny thing is that my sisters birthday is only a day after my best friends. So when their birthday came around, this guy gave my friend his birthday spankings and then we all took turns. Its fun. You lay bent over the couch and everyone takes their turn spanking you over your pants. It doesnt really hurt that much and is kinda fun. I've never minded birthday spankings and actually have kinda enjoyed them.

Later that week they are over our house for dinner and its my sisters 4th birthday. My dad gives her birthday spankings over his knee over her dress. My mom then does the same. But then its my friends stepdad's turn. He places my sister over his knee, but then lifts up her dress and spanks her on her panties. We are all shocked by this, but he says, "oh come on, what kind of spanking is it over the clothes. You gotta spank her on her panties." I was surprised, but my parents really didnt seem to have a problem with that. So I guess he was right. I was only 7 at the time, but I remember loving to watch my sister get spanked over her panties with her dress up like that. She didnt like it though. My parents didnt spank her hard at all, but he did and she was crying when he was done. He handed her over to my friends mom and she hugged her and told her it will be fine. I'm the last one to spank you. Then she laid her across her lap and spanked her over her panties like her hubby did, but not very hard. She stopped crying by the time she was done. We all thought that was it, but then he reminded my folks that the boys hadn't gotten their turns.

He grabbed my sister and put her over his lap again and again flipped up her dress. He called me over and told me it was my turn to spank her. I gave her 4 quick swats, not so hard, but it still made her cry a bit. Then he says to me. "OK, now give her a really good one to grow on." I looked over at my dad and he nodded that it was ok. So I gotta admit, I let her have it and swatted her bottom as hard as I could. I heard my hand smacking her bottom and then heard her cry. I know this sounds mean, but I really enjoyed doing that. It was really cool to be able to swat her hard like that. I've been taught to never hurt girls and I wouldn't, especially my sister. So to be given permission and allowed to spank her like that, WOW, that was so much fun. Then it was my friends turn. This time his stepdad said "now son, do your new father proud and smack her bottom good." My friend smiled at his new step dad and really let my sister have it. 4 really hard swats and 1 to grow on. She was crying uncontrolled when he was done. I'm not sure why, but I really enjoyed watching that. And he told me later it was so cool to do. I told him I know.

His stepdad handed my sister over to our mom and my mom snugged with her and told her its fine, its all over. Then she took her upstairs for her bath and to put her to bed. I thought the party was over, but then my friends stepdad says, while looking over at his older sister. "You know, I do believe someone here recently had a birthday and I didnt have a chance to give her birthday spankings." It was true, her birthday was a week before their wedding and he was away for her birthday party and then it got busy with the wedding so ya, he didnt get a chance to give my sister her birthday spanking. She had just turned 6. So he called her over and put her over his knee and lifted up her skirt, exposing her panties. I looked over at my friend and he was watching this and had a big smile on his face. I couldn't blame him, I knew I did too. We both expected him to spank her over her panties, but then he says "you know only a naughty girl would get out of her proper birthday spanking. You should have reminded me." And then he pulled her panties down. Now my friend had told me that his stepdad spanked his sisters bare bottom, but I didnt believe him. I did now! She smacked her bare bottom and you could see it turn red. Bright red. She was crying, but I didn't look at her face. I couldn't take my eyes off of her bright red bottom. After he was done, he picked her up and handed her over to my dad. "Oh, I gave her birthday spankings at her party." "Well, this is her 2nd party and she needs proper birthday spankings." I was surprised but my dad spanked my sisters friend on her bare bottom. And he spanked her hard too. This surprised me since my father did not believe in spankings for punishment, but then again this was a birthday spanking, I guess.

When he was done, she was allowed to pull her panties back up and compose herself. She was embarrassed, but I'm not sure why, we all enjoyed it. My mom came down and basically told us it was late and the party was over. So my friend and his family left. The next day I went over to my friends house as usual. His mom was out with his younder sister but his stepdad was there as was his older sister. My friend told me we were in for a treat. I thought he meant something his mom made to eat. She was a really good cook and they always had cookies and stuff there that she had made. But he brought me over to his stepdad and said "Tommy is here dad, can we do it now?" "Of course son." Then he went and got his sister. That was when Tommy told me about our treat. "Dad told me that since we didn't get a chance to spank her last night, that we can today. And since shes been a bad girl, we get to do it extra long too." Now I gotta admit that all I could think of was wondering what her bare bottom would feel like. I was only 7 and had never felt anyone's bottom but my own before and then only when taking a bath so don't be rude!

She came down with him and she did not look happy. He was scolding her. Telling her how bad she was. She kept asking what she had done wrong, but I don't think he ever told her. Just kept repeating that she was bad, she was naughty and that she needed a spanking. And heres the best part. Since we were such good boys, we got to give it to her. He had her lay across the side of the couch and lifted up her dress. He told my friend, "remove your sisters panties and give it to her good." You didn't have to tell my friend 2x. He went right up to her, yanked down her panties and smacked her nice and hard. I loved hearing the "crack" of his hand smacking her bottom. And it got sooo red. And she was crying sooo much. OK, this is a bit embarrassing, I know I was only 7, but I got hard. This was so neat, so much fun that I got my first boner. And heres the thing, I wasn't the only one. When my friend stopped back after smacking her, it was obvious he had one too. I'm not gay, but you couldn't help but notice it.

Then it was my turn. His stepdad told me not to be shy. To go ahead and smack her as hard as I can. Don't worry, she can take it. "Can't you girl?" Between cries, the girl said "yes daddy, I can take it. I'll be a good girl and take it." IDK, maybe I was having second thoughts. I mean this was fun and all, but I didn't want to hurt her. Her bottom was already bright red. Maybe she had enough. But then again she did say she could take more. I guess he noticed my hestitation because he said "go away Courtney, tell Tommy that its ok. That you can take it and that you deserve it." OMG, she did just that. She looked back at me and through teary eyes she said to me "It's ok Tommy. I really can take it and I do deserve it." Well that did it. All second thoughts were out of my head and I really did let her have it. I didnt think her bottom could get any redder, but it did. And she was crying so hard when I was done. But to be honest, I didn't care. I really enjoyed spanking her.

Now that was 3 years ago and since then I have seen her spanked lots of times and have gotten to spank her and her sister whos 3 years younger some too. I've also spanked my sister when my parents arent around and since my friend lets me spank his sisters, I've let him spank my sister too. Spanking is such a fun game. As I said in the beginning, my sister doesn't exactly like it, but she does put up with it. That's fine by me. And my friend's sisters both really enjoy it. Weird I know, but so much fun.

I got lots more stories to share on this topic if people are interested. Just let me know.