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Kids changing clothes in car

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Posted by OddR on 2013-05-12 12:39:53

We were going on holiday. There was me and my sister and two cousins in the car with my mum. I was feeling really hot and asked if the others minded if I changed into some cooler clothes. When they said no problem, I leaned over the back seat to get some shorts and a T and then I stripped off my jeans and open neck shirt. I go commando so was naked in front of all of them. I sat like that for a bit before pulling on my shorts but did not put a shirt on for a couple of hours. While I was sitting there naked I felt myself getting hard and that is why I pulled my shorts on to cover it up. My sister has seen me naked a lot even after starting puberty and my cousins both enjoyed the view.

Well, not quite "in" the car but next to it... My cousin (in his 30s) was driving me and 3 friends (8th grade girls) to the beach. He parked in the back corner of the lot next to a big sign. We changed into our bikinis standing in the grass between the car and the sign. My cousin stood watch but he was also watching us girls. We all think he's hot so we don't mind when he sees us naked.

From the time I was 8 until 11 my mom picked me up from daycare after school to take me to yoga. I had to get completely naked in the back seat of our car. We didn't have tinted windows either. I could lay across the back seat and hide from most other cars but people in trucks and SUVs always saw me.

picked up 10 year old son and his friends from a pool party. they were still in their swimsuits. had them all get dressed into their street clothes while riding in the car to get pizza.

I changed my cloths to get into a Boy Scout uniform as a preteen and then teen. Sometimes I did this in the car if I was late, but only ever to my boxers. Later I realized I could just change in the bathroom at the meeting place lol.

"made to change in the car at the lake - eight years old - had to strip stark naked, while relatives were peeping on me.

One pointed & laughed at my little weenie."

My sister and I always changed clothes in the car, and at one tim we were naget for half and our, until we got the close out from the trunk.

I'm a grandpa now, but when my sons were boys they were always changing clothes in the car. We seemed to always be running late for this or that. Sometimes we would be out for a drive and stop at a creek and decide to go swimming, so they would strip off to underwear in the car and go swimming. Then when they got done, they would take their wet underwear off and put their other clothes on in the car.

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Posted by junix on 2013-08-06 08:59:22

How about editing this section to add some more recent replies ? The poll has been going for a while now and I see that 57 people have now given replies in the 'experiences' section.

Posted by OddR on 2013-08-10 01:28:13

Your wish is my command. :)

My son at 13 had to change into his football kit on the way from school, so I told him he could strip off and change in the car. He did so down to nude. It was cute, him stripping down. When he slipped off his Y-fronts, his little balls and anus were wide open and his not-so-little $%!@ flopped out.

We arrived at a fancy restaurant and I was wearing a wet bikini, I'm 14, and there were loads of people around us, and I had to completely strip, and then get changed everyone saw me and took pictures, but I got really horny and excited.

daughter was changing with my son and his friend in the car, then she wated a pee. so my son gave her an empty drinks bottle (he uses these). of course girls not having the kit to pee into a bottle just looked at him, then both boys watched her try and pee into the bottle. most got in. they were all aged 13.

Two boys, age 13 and 15. It isn't exactly changing in the car. It's just that when we go anywhere they like to undress naked in the car. Then when we're near where we're going they get dressed again.

my 12 year old daughter has piano and dance lessons on the same day, and I pick her up from piano practice and she changes for dance class in the car on the way

I was picking up kids to take them to a school play they were performing in. I already had 2 preteen girls and a preteen boy in the car. They were already in their performance clothes. My last stop was to pick up another preteen boy. When I got to his house he came out in his regular clothes carrying his performance clothes. His mom told me they were running late and for him to change in the car on the way. He did, which required him to be totally nude for a short time while he put on some green tights.

when we went to the beach we always changes in the car into our bathing suits

Ive done all 3 of those. I aint a morning person at all and mom has dragged me to the car and threw my school uniform in backseat and I changed on way to school. I change lots of times after school on way to football (Soccer) practice or game. I have put on my speedo in car on way to beach. Mostly I swim nude but sometimes I got to wear a speedo cause of rules. Most places let boys swim nude and girls swim topless. I live in Netherlands.

I change cloth as a kid and know as a dad our familyas even with there team mate in car.There nothing wrong with nudty.

2 summers ago when my friends and I went to Lake Michigan, we went to leave when it was getting close to sunset. The parking lot was in heavy shadow because of the trees and sand dunes blocking the sunlight. There were no other cars around us and any people were far away on the distant side of the parking lot. We were going to go out for dinner after swimming and I didn't want to go in wet swim shorts, so I changed while standing right next to the car (it's a minivan). I was quick about it but was completely nude until I got my dry clothes on.

Hey. I'm 12 and I always change clothes in the car. Sometimes its my mom driving and sometimes its dad and sometimes its one of my friends parents driving. But i do lots of sports and I aint got time to go home and change each time I go from practice to practice and game to game. I aint the only one that does it either. Other guys on my teams do it to. We gotta wear cups so we have to take everything off to put cup on.

"If it's same sex kids, i will often tell them to change in the car on the way to sports. I regulalry take three boys to soccers from picking them up at school and they know they are going to change in the car, no issues.

I also often will pick them up, but dont want to bring them home covered in mud - i make em strip down before getting in my car - muddy clothes go into the trunk/. I fther eare npo girls around they will strip down to thier underwear in the parking lot and no one seemt to think abything of it. I let em ride in whatever they and often send a kid into his house wearing his boxers and noothing else wiht a wad of dirty clothes in hand, and thier parents dont care.

that said, i think id be less likely to do this with girls."

Posted by junix on 2013-08-12 08:32:29

Thank you, some of those replies are very interesting

Posted by OddR on 2013-08-24 02:47:26

Only one message this week:

Me and some of my friends went to a work party for my friends dad at a park pavilion. There was a creek and all of the kids went in the creek and when it was time to go my friends mom went and bought cheap clothes for us to change into. Me and my friend as well as his 2 younger brothers all changed in the back of my friends parents car.