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Kids changing clothes in car

Please post stories here

Posted by OddR on 2013-05-11 02:53:08

Please post your car changing stories here.

Posted by Evan Hurley on 2013-05-12 04:55:45

my son regularly changes clothes in the car for baseball. Email me evan2b@yahoo.com

Posted by SierraNavadaLove on 2013-05-22 07:21:53

I have a story about myself. Last summer when I was 14 me and a bunch of friends went to the beach but on the way we decided to change in the car because there wasn't a place to change there so we all slowly took our clothes off. I helped take off my friend Emily's clothes because she was driving at the time. I got so horny touching Emily as I tried to take her panties off. I even noticed at she was a little wet herself. We all just sat in the car naked driving down the open road( lucky there were hardly any people on the road). I started to get so horny I couldnt help myself so started touching my $%!@, but because I was in the middle of the back seat the other girls Taylor and Bella noticed and started to help me out. Pretty soon we were all $%!@ing each other. It was so hot. Kristina who was in the passanger seat had to $%!@e Emily while she drove but I helped out too by rubbing her nipples. I had such a great time. We all had so many orgasms. I also found out that day how great it can be when someone licks your $%!@. I also didn't know girls could quirt like guys do until I did it all over Taylor's face. Then we started to get to an area with people so then we helped each other get our bikinis on. We now have sleep overs all the time. And they are very fun ;) email me if you want to know more or just want to talk at sara.heart.life@gmail.com

Posted by showoffson on 2013-06-02 14:21:49

my son always undressed and changes clothes in the car. when i pick him up from school, he can't wait to start taking off his school uniform. then at home he just gets out of the car in his underwear. just about anywhere we go he brings his clothes with him and gets dressed in the car. i have some polls about the same thing as well. if anyone is interested in talking, feel free to email me: showoffson2@yahoo.com

Posted by laura987 on 2013-11-13 21:55:49

As other moms have mentioned, I've had my son change clothes completely in the car on numerous occasions in the past either because we were running late or simply for my convenience. In the past he never really had a problem with it, even if there were other passengers besides me, but he just turned 13 and has started to complain of late. Just recently (for his birthday in fact) I took him and my friend Samantha with her two kids Mikey (11) and Anne (12) - to the beach. My son and Mikey are good friends. I wore my bikini under my clothes. However, I picked my son up directly from soccer practice, so I brought his speedo along since I knew he would have no time to change. Then we picked up Samantha and her kids who also already wore their swimsuits under their clothes. Samantha sat in the front with me, holding the beach bag. My son squeezed between her two kids in the back. On the way I told my son he needed to get undressed and change into his speedo before we got to the beach. As I mentioned above, in the past he had no complaint, but this time he bulked, saying he didn't want to because Samantha and Anne were in the car. After a few sharp words he got completely undressed (as he was told), and handed his clothes up to Samantha (because I was driving). He must have been embarrassed because he sat back there trying to cover his privates with his hands the few brief minutes he was naked. Samantha in turn got in the beach bag, and handed him his speedo, which he seemed to put on as fast as he could. While the situation was amusing, I told him there wasn't any reason why he should be embarrassed and that in the future he WILL continue to change in the car no matter who is present.