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Naked in School Scenario


Posted by Aquila on 2016-04-02 16:15:57

Nakedness in Norwegian Schools

In the 1900es there were many daily weekly, monthly or yearly occations where children from 6-15 had to be naked, but there seemed to be differnces from town to town, between towns and rural areas and from school to schools. Here is an account of the practice of having children naked in certain primary chools in OSlo, the capital of Norway in the 1960es and 1970es.


Each class had a gym lesson at least every second day. Before the lesson all children had to strip naked and put on the gym clothes. After the lesson, the pupils once more stripped naked, took a shower, dryed themselves and then took on their street clothes. All this happeend in a common area where everybody could see each other, and under the supervision of the teacher.


Each saturday each class had a wash hour. They had to strip naked in a clothing room and then go into the washroom. They then had to stand in a tub and wash every part of the body systematically. A lady employed at the school superviced the washing procedure and also teached the pupils about proper washing.


All children were offered swimming lessons in the age of 11. Those did not occur in the school, but at several swim baths in the town. At a couple of these, the children had to be nude during the lessons.


Each year every child had a general physical exam totaly nude in the office of the school nurse. 3 students were called down and had to take off all clothes under the supervision of an authority person employed at the school. Then the authority person followed each students into the adjacent exam room one by one while the other two sat waiting. Then all parts of the body were looked over and examined. Most years the nurse alone performed the exam, but at 7 and 14 a doctor performed the exam.

When the nurse performed this exam, she only looked at the genitals and had the children bent forewrd during the scoliosis test in such a manner that she could also see the rectal opening. The doctor palpated the testicles at 7 and made a hernia test at 14. The doctor also spread the genital lips of the girls to look at the uretral and vaginal opening.


At the age of 11-14 all children had at least one extensive pelvic exam, both boys and girls. It happened at a special area consisting of a room for preparation and recovery and an exam room. The child was called in by a letter from the school nurse. A parent took himher up to the preparation room. Here all clothes were taken off. The child had to pee and then lay on an examination table. Here the child got som medicine to fall in sleep and hinder much of the memory about the exam. Once in sleep the bowel of the child was flushed clean.

The child was then brought to the adjacent examination room. What happened here, was inspection of the urethra and bladder with a cystosocpe, internal inspection of the vagina of girls and inspection of the lower digestive tract with a sigmoidoscope. This is perhaps the occation where the nakedness was at the extreme, because the student had to lay with hisher legs spread in stirrups.

The child was then brought back to the first room to wake up and recover. The exam took quite a long time, fully 4 hours, and it seems that thay did two children each week. The exam was performed with a nurse and coctor coming from a health center and with the same authority person employed at the school to help.

The child was not told beforhand what was to happen. This exam began much like an ordinary school physical, and all children were used to be naked during these physicals, so the children did nor suspect much. The anesthesia which was adimistered by a shot took gradually effect and the more intimate parts of the exam took place when the anesthesia was in full effect. Also it seems that one used ample doses of numbing medicines in the body openings during the prepartions and that everything was done extremely cautiously so that the child should not feel any pain or symptoms afterwards.

Still children often could remember glimpses from the procedures. What most often was remembered were intsruments being inserted and that they lay totally naked with their legs widely spread. The medication that the children got, was however of a sort that made them mostly uninterested in the ordeals taking place, and uninterested in thinking and talking about things they remembered afterwards.

Those of the children that remembered something seemed to have the attitude that this was something necessary for all children to go through and not anything to question further about.

By the way, did doctors/nurses ever put you to sleep in a hospital, health cemter or even at school, and were not told what they did with you under the anesthesia, or you suspect more happened than the things that were told, pleace take this poll.


Posted by awayness on 2016-04-04 05:44:08

Most of that sounds like a fantastic idea to me. If only any of those people were still alive to tell their story and fix things up a bit more in that direction.

Posted by Aquila on 2017-01-08 15:14:45

I experienced it in the 1960es and 1970es. Most of us from that period are not older that around 65, and most of us are still alive, and can tell about it.

Except for one thing: We were put to sleep for a couple of the exams we went through. Only those of us that happened to wake up during these exams really know what was going on. I happened to wake up and can tell many details.

You can mail me at aquila_grande@yahoo.no with questions or to inform me that you have questions at this thread. Only use the title "SCHOOL EXAM" for your maile, so that I can distinguish it from spam.


But I can tell right now some interseting facts about my psychological reactions. Usually my mother came to the school, and followed me up to the place where the exam should take place, or my father told me that I had to have an exam, and followed me to some health center in the town.

They never told much about what kind of exam should happen, and for some reason I never asked, but I instinctively felt thet it was some intimate ordeal. This alway made me feel a strage excitement in my lover stomach and genitals, but blended with a kind of enbarrassment. Usually my $%!@ also immediately got erect by these feelings, but this reaction mostly had ceased whn arriving at the place.

After the ordeals I felt extreemely embarrassed, but also this reaction ceased fairly soon, and then I simply stopped to think about it.

Sometimes the exam happened not to be an intimate one, but instead an exam of my nose, throut and breast. In those cases I tended to feel disappointed.

I could sometimes see the parents of other classmates fetch a boy to take him to some exam, and I could see symptoms of the same reactions in my classmates.

Posted by Franklinz on 2020-08-21 07:01:44

Every class has a small drill every other day. I needed uk best essays review. Before teaching all children have to take naked and wear sports clothes. After the lesson, the students once dressed naked, took a shower, dried themselves and then put on their outerwear. All this happened is a common area where everyone can see each other, and under the supervision of a teacher.

Posted by Kirton22 on 2020-08-25 10:12:19

When you was at primary school after swimming we so boys and girls nude when getting dryed so it was no problem