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Guys, how far, how high can you piss?

peeing contests in locker rooms

Posted by what to do on 2013-01-05 03:26:14

As a kid growing up I can recall witnessing a few "peeing contests" between boys in locker rooms and walking in on quite a few guys who were taking advantage of being in a large enough area to see how far they can pee. As a kid I was always concerned about getting caught by an adult while "peeing for distance" in a locker room, I just assumed we'd get in trouble for it. As I got older, high school, college it was still commonplace and now as a young man going to the gym club, I find it's still commonplace among men, so I guess there was no reason to worry about it as a kid.

Posted by uniloo on 2013-01-05 13:39:02

I don't remember contests for distance, but do remember contests for height. At school the urinal was a double sided wall about chest height in the middle of the room. So when we went to the loo we did it facing the boys who were peeing against the other side of the wall. There were frequent contests to see who could pee over the wall.

Posted by sruguy on 2013-01-07 14:19:07

Been there, done that too. At Heinz Field they have trough urinals that aren't very high. I've found myself (and noticed other guys too) peeing above the urinal on the wall.