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Homosexuality and Neanderthals

genes and other influences on sexuality...

Posted by AL-BOY on 2010-04-21 21:28:26
  • In a HIGH proportion of cases, homo/bi sexuality is the result of an inborn genetic configuration. There are a number of different genetic configurations (perhaps 2 or 3 possible suspects at least) which can cause the same effect; (each of which exist in a completely different area of the human genome) but any one of those can cause a homosexual or bisexual brain-development at the foetal stage of a persons development. (ie before birth)

It seems that these genetic codes can influence hormones (pre-birth) to cause a feminisation in the development of the brain (in males) or masculinisation of the brain in the case of gay girls. Totally different genes are responsible for gay girls, from the ones that are responsible for gay guys. When the baby is born, their hormonal levels will be normal for that gender (although they may have been abnormal at the fetal stage).

However it isnt always genes that create homosexuality. Some people who DONT have the 'gay genes' can still be gay because other biological factors effect the bre-birth development of the brain. For instance boys who have many older brothers can SOMEtimes be born gay (though certainly not necessarily so of course) because the mothers biology can sometimes be effected by all the previous male births and causes some kind of feminisation of the foetal male babies brain development.

Even if you dont have older brothers (or if you arent male) OTHER prebirth biological factors can cause the same effects.

To further complicate things, its all a bit different with females (to some extent).

This is because a POTENTIAL for bisexuality is much much more common, almost the norm for females,(though not in all cases) especially youngish females. and it seems that with many females it is more possible to make choices, to be influenced by peers (who may be lesbian or bi) or as rebellion, or just because they are fed up with males and want a change. This potential flexibilty seems to be nigh on impossible for an awful lot of males - I would say the majority (and impossible for quite a few females too).

Whether male or female, if you have been born with a brain that is rigidly hetero or rigidly homo, then you really can do nothing to alter these feelings and predispositions.

Only those who are born bisexual, are able to create the impression that they are making choices, or are being influenced, which as I say, is a much more common thing amongst females than with males.