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who's the barefooter?

And the winner is...

Posted by the unknown on 2013-01-12 19:28:25

Jungle! I know not many people voted, but I set the date and she won by 1 vote.

She became a barefooter because her hometown got a lot of floods all year. And since she was poor and couldn't afford the right kind of shoes to go in the ankle-deep or higher, she just had to go around barefoot. Even when she left the flooded town she had to go barefoot wherever she went due to her frequently forgetting to bring her shoes. Eventually, she got used to her bare feet and got an odd feeling to stay connected to the earth. So when she left she made her home in a jungle, where she could always feel the earth under her bare soles. From not wearing shoes for so long, she learned how to do many things just using her bare toes and feet.(like picking things up or supporting herself on tree branches.). She also could withstand lots of pain in her feet because her "house" was up in a tree and she had to use the vines and branches on the tree to scale it(and you might not know that tree bark isn't the most comfortable thing to walk barefoot on, let alone climbing it barefoot). For her, best way to stay connected with the earth and nature is to go everywhere barefoot, so you couldn't even pay her to put shoes on.