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legitimate rape

Legitimate rape?

Posted by shaun h on 2012-08-30 16:42:04

Get real, rape is rape is rape. There's nothing "legitimate"about this, it's wrong no matter which way you look at it. How would that "Senator" feel if it happened to his wife or daughter? Or his mother? My Ma sat on a rape trial jury and she said that the guy should have been castrated never mind serving time in jail. I only hope my sister and my girlfriend never have to go thru what the poor girl in those trials did. And if anyone ever touched either of them, well, I feel I'd be more than justified in taking a gun to the guy that did it. How any one person can claim that this is sometimes legitimate is beyond me, and I would encourage folks NEVER to vote him back into office.

Posted by t2fx on 2012-09-15 19:13:39

i agree with you but unfortunately there are some morons who because of their "faith"don't believe it and other idiots who are so uneducated they will believe anything their told.

Posted by shaun h on 2013-01-09 13:19:41

Like Republicans, I guess!