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cannibalism scenario one

After Selection

Posted by Darkside666 on 2015-07-02 04:43:10

Clothing? Maybe burned, or distributed among the tribe as a novelty. Bones and offal? Maybe offered to the tribe's dogs as a treat. Or simply disposed off by burial or dumping into the ocean.

Posted by Enquiring Mind on 2015-07-03 17:49:15

Where did tribes come in?

I assume we are still talking post sporting event banqet.

Clothes? I would think I would be naked already having stripped off at the stadium. Bout the only thing that was mine was a jock and cup- trash then and there.

Clothes at school in locker- janitor or coach cut lock and dump it all in trash.

Offal and bones- garbage.

Posted by RobinSKCZ on 2017-09-16 21:32:23

My scenario:

After game the looser team members have to strip out (everything to stark naked). Their hands are restrained behind their backs and if possible also tied to rope or something else. Only losers' captain is keeping not restrained and kept in tied because he will have some special roles. Choosing of MEAT starts. (In my scenario the choosing is up to losers' captain and is limited to players played in particular game / series). Then captain leads MEAT to winners' locker room.

There is starting a party - bukkaka orgy with MEAT in the middle - every winner can participate on $%!@ing of his mouth and hole. All sperm has to be addressed to MEAT's mouth and/or body. When finished losers' captain has to help MEAT to achieve last orgasm by sucking of his $%!@ until ejaculation. It's up to his decision if the pre-last MEAT's SPERM would be eaten or also go to MEAT's body. When orgy is finished, captain has to carefully wash and shave MEAT.

Captain is entering kitchen or other place where cooker is prepared to prepare MEAT. Usually the cooker is somebody who is not member of any team as at the beginning of the game is not clear who,will be served. This is the last while of MEAT. How the MEAT is killed is up to cooker's decision or preference (cut his throw / beheading, hang him, cook him alive). Losers' captain has to participate on preparation upon request. The MEAT's head is separated from other body, cleaned from blood and sterilized, it is sign of victory for winners. Balls and $%!@ of MEAT is also cut off and brought to winners' locker room. Just for fun. MEAT is then divided to particular parts and subsequently coocked / grilled or prepared by other way.

When everything is done or nearest done, the naked losers' captain is going with MEAT's head to winners is inviting them to the earring room. Losers' captain is giving MEAT's head to winner's captain as a trophy and congrats them for victory. Then MEAT is served part-by-part to winners by losers' captain. All other losers are also in eating room, still with restrained hands and stark naked.

For the final game, rules might changed and more losers are to be served. The captain is automatically one of them and his role is given to his deputy.

Please avoid to try it at home :-)

Posted by JeorgeWaters on 2020-02-14 11:59:17

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