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cannibalism scenario one

After Selection

Posted by wackyHair on 2015-04-26 22:02:29

Your team has lost, and you've been selected to be dinner. What happens next? How are you taken to the kitchen, what happens before you're killed, how are you killed, what's the cooking process like, how is your body presented to the winners, how is your meat carved and served, etc?

Posted by Darkside666 on 2015-04-26 23:48:03

There was a short story titled "A Losing Season" that has inspired this topic of sports cannibalism, and my preparation thoughts pretty much parallel what was done in the story.

After the selection process, the candidate is taken by the winning team's coaches directly to an empty locker room, where he is totally shaved down, then showered and given an enema. Slaughter can be either by snapping the neck, or slitting the neck and letting him bleed out. The candidate might be presented to the winning team members in a school assembly, and slaughtered as they watch and applaude. He is mounted on a BBQ spit and roasted like a pig, over hot coals or a slow fire. After he's cooked, he is laid out on a large presentation platter, and a chef carves cuts of meat off the body as the team lines up for their victory dinner. Each winning player has a choice of what cut of meat he would like to eat. For what it's worth, in the story I was referring to, the winning team's captain was presented with the genitals, and although they usually weren't the greatest quality for eating, it was considered an honor to receive them.

Posted by Enquiring Mind on 2015-04-28 12:25:34

I think there are too many variables to make the decisions outlined above- and let us face it- as the selectee it really would not be your's or my place to dictate such things.

And as far as the eating of the guys junk- I think it is symbolic not honorary. The team captain represents the winning team at things like the young toss and stuff. One could say the player being served represents the losing team at the banquet. What better way to symbolize the teams win and dominance over the losing team than having the team captain consume the genitals- essentially the players manhood?

What of you WhackyHair? What do you see happening?

Posted by wackyHair on 2015-05-11 06:56:42

Following selection the meat is gagged and hands are tied behind it's back. The banquet is always held at the host team's school, so there's no worries about transportation. The rest of the two teams go shower, and the winning team puts their clothes on, while the losing team remains naked. Both teams and the meat go to a preparation room where the meat is showered, shaved, and bowels cleaned. The meat's hands are tied above it's head and is suspended for most of this process. The meat is allowed one final orgasm, being $%!@ed by a member of his own team. And the moment of climax the meat's neck is snapped and the body is lowered onto a cart which is rolled into the dining room for the roasting. The spit goes from the anus to the mouth. The meat's hand and legs are tied together. The loosing team takes turns spinning the roast. The meat is then laid out on a tray. A picture of the meat on the tray is taken and used in the loosing team's yearbook. The captain of the winning team is presented with the $%!@ and balls, representing the victory of the winners over the losers. He does this facing the losing team, while eyeing their still exposed genitals, saying, basically "this is all of you, and all of your manhoods." The losing team goes back to the locker rooms and change back into their clothes and are able to leave at this point. The captain gets first pick at the rest of the meat, and the rest of the team follows. Left over meat is distributed at the end to the team based on the captain's desires. The remains (bones) are set to the losers. The skull and uniform of the meat are kept by the winners and are placed in a trophy room.

Posted by Enquiring Mind on 2015-05-18 21:00:01

Probably first I would strip naked- if I already was not. Then proceed to return to the other teams school to shower with the then- dirty sweaty from game. Next I would need to be shaved, maybe some internal cleaning as well. Once the team had gathered in the gym I would be brought out naked and brought on stage for all to get a good look at dinner. Given I would be 16/17 at the time I would most likely be bbq'd in manageable segments. arms removed at shoulders, legs just below buttocks, then jointed at the knees. My torso would be divided at the waiste- the upper half butchered in ribs, spare ribs, and shoulder cuts. My lower torso divided along the crease in my buttocks. My genitals, if eaten, would be removed whole at this point and testicles extracted from scrotum. Not sure how they would be cooked...maybe captains choice. All laid on the grill to cook. Would not really be any presentation- just carving stations with various cuts for the team to select from.