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CFNM Competitive Sports

My cfnm poll

Posted by laura987 on 2012-08-07 06:37:52

I just checked it out, and I must say, the results are disappointing. I thought more people responding in your previous poll understood that modesty is indeed a trait that should only be found in females. Males should embrace, or at the least accept, occasional cfnm situations as critical norms in our society that separate and define the two genders.

Posted by laura987 on 2012-08-25 05:45:07

Well, he just turned ten, and hasn't really bought into the idea yet. When he was younger he didn't complain, but now he is getting into that age where he is deeply influenced by his peers. He doesn't want to appear different in any way. I only imagine he will become more opposed and even embarrassed by the idea as he enters his teenage years and begins to develop further. This won't stop me from teaching what is right or enforcing my rules though.

Posted by ge2010 on 2012-09-14 16:16:05

This is about insecure females that are ashamed of their own bodies getting themselves excited over a boy's $%!@! Act like an adult and start respecting the boys!

Posted by pez917 on 2012-09-14 18:49:14

What would you do if one of the girls took off her suit and joined the boys naked? Would those women who kept their suits on feel ashamed because the boys could see the girl's privates? Would that girl have to leave? or could she stay naked. I have talked to many female naturists and they told me once they swim naked that they would not wear a swimsuit again. So I think this is a ploy to see male privates,let the girls swim naked also.

Posted by 2b2gmom on 2012-09-18 00:52:39

to laura987: Do you know that your CFNM stuff is illegal? Minors cannot consent to any such thing. Even if the boy says he likes it, he has no say in it. Any minor, be it a boy or girl cannot be used for sexual enjoyment by adults. You are allowing minor boys privates to be seen by young girls for their enjoyment. As adults you are held responsible for what goes on with minor boys. What you are doing is just as bad as if and adult male was looking at a young girls privates. Respect the boys! I have talked to many mothers and none would willingly expose their son's privates to excite another female. I also will protect my boys as well as my girls. If you would grab my son's privates,I will break your arm and call the police. Act like an adult.