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CFNM Competitive Sports

Dont think it will work

Posted by laura987 on 2012-08-07 06:23:18

Hmm... you may be right about the embarrassment being a factor in favor of us females. You males would most certainly be negatively affected initially, but with time... who knows. Perhaps other rules might have to be modified in combination with the cfnm environment to help even the field.

Anyway, it's worth discussing and testing as you said.

Posted by Josh C on 2012-08-12 20:59:13

Would love to be a test candidate. I am used to be naked around my female cousins so I wouldn't bother to attend naked in PE competitions.

Posted by sweetp on 2014-09-26 22:17:41

The only time male nudity would be a advantage for females in coed sports is when it's a no holds barred contact sport where the female would be able to hurt or damage the male's sac or testicles, or maybe basketball also because of foul knees to the balls. It's not really true about testicle pain from running. African tribes run across country with exposed testicles and nude male races and marathons were held at the early Olympics in Greece for many years. Another false thing is thinking that most males would be embarrassed or humiliated by being nude. Most males of all ages are very comfortable being naked. Actually, most well adjusted males are naturally confident and proud of their bodies and they are not ashamed to be nude in front of anyone, and they shouldn't be. They normally like to show their development, unless they have been psychologically damaged at a young age by some authority figure who has caused them to be un-naturally ashamed of any part of their physical make up. Unfortunately, may young males have been messed up by dictates that's destroys their natural masculinity, most of which comes from feminist ideology and destructive puritanical brain washing. That often leads to mental health disorders in adulthood. Using fear and humiliation under the guise of teaching respect is a very twisted and destructive form of abuse.

Posted by a4a1 on 2015-02-06 08:43:39

CFNM swimming actually gives the male swimmers an advantage as the naked body has less resistance going through the water than with a swim suit on. I have heard of improvements in performance of several seconds acheived by swimmers removing their swim suit.

Posted by SexSlave2Goddesses on 2017-12-19 04:56:14

I can see it working both ways. I have done this with female friends and it sometimes works.