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boys who lose shoes

losing shoes

Posted by soxandboxersboy on 2012-07-20 22:10:14

please feel free to leave messages about losing shoes or email me at: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted by Gfire on 2012-08-07 16:52:45

Well once, I had taken my shoe off to relace it. While I was relacing it, my friend ran by and snatched my shoe out of my hand. I was about to get up to get my shoe back, but another friend of mine grabbed my white socked foot, and dragged me away from my shoe.

If you wanna hear more, you can just e-mail me: evan.doublec@yahoo.com

Posted by Joop1998 on 2012-08-26 12:37:26

Yesterday I was at a friend's house with four more friends playing on his computer some game. As I was playing one of them tied my shoes together under the desk, which I did not notice at once. When I was done I wanted to get up but I fell to the floor and everybody was laughing. Because of that the laces got tighter I think because I could not untie them. I had to take off my shoes to try to untie them again but they got so tight I could not lose the knots in them. One of the others tried it too but he could not lose them either. Finally I had to go home in my socks.

Posted by AndrewB on 2012-09-21 18:43:01

This summer, when I was at summer camp one day me and my colleagues we wanted to cross the creek. We found a bridge, but a fairly narrow (width of two planks) and handrail on only one side. I walked as the last one of us four. Suddenly, my foot broke the board, I lost my balance and fell into the water. Fortunately, it was not too deep, barely reached my waist, but the bottom was very muddy and slippery, and one of my plimsolls stuck there and I lost it. Unfortunately, I could not recover it. So I was forced to go on wearing only one shoe and my left foot bare.

Posted by Joop1998 on 2012-09-26 15:44:26

This happened to me today, the first lesson today we had to read a part of a book. We would get a test about it the next hour. To get comfy I placed my feet on the legs of the chair in front of me, were one of my friends was sitting. As we were reading I noticed that he was pulling my laces, first the left than the right one. When he was done he looked back and grinned a little, and I thought; okay, I'll ty them up later. A moment later our teacher had to leave the classroom for a minute or so and then it happened. He grabbed the heels of my shoes and he tried to take them off my feet. He did not succeed at once but then he got help from the guy next to him and in a few seconds I was shoeless and the rest of the class was laughing at me. At this time the teacher came back and everyone acted if nothing had happened and the teacher did not notice anything. At first I felt a little embarrassed because everybody knew now I was shoeless but after some time I felt kinda excited and comfy too. I asked for my shoes the next hour but my friend told me he did not have my shoes anymore. Then I asked the guy next to him but he told me the same. They made me spend the rest of the day in socks and at the end of last lesson I finally got them back.