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10-13 year old boys vs 10-13 year old girls

My 11 year old son

Posted by Catalina3 on 2014-03-19 09:35:55

I don't believe there is a single girl stronger than my son. He's a lot bigger and stronger than me. catalina3@hush.com

Posted by Mary.L on 2014-12-07 20:18:54

I agree with Catalina. I'm 37. In summer I'm tried arm wrestling against 12 y.o. boy. (He isn't my son, he just lived with his aunt in hotel where I was resting) He beat me on both hands. For me it was a total surprise that 12 y.o boy fully beat me. We became friends with him. Later, he defeated me in the other strength competition. For example, we sailed race. He immediately took the lead and defeated me. I am very interested strength competition between boys and women. I would like to try arm wrestling with other boys of 10-14 years. but I can't find an opponent

Posted by Del on 2015-04-04 06:00:11

@Catalina3 If your son is only 11 or 12, there are plenty of girls his age who are stronger than him. I knew a girl who could overpower any boy she met up until they were about 14-15.

Posted by Samanthita on 2015-08-26 13:40:44

I'm fascinated by the strength of young boys, I don't understand how they can be stronger so much stronger than adult women even when they are younger and smaller. I'm a middle school teacher, a few months back I saw a group of 13 years old boys lifting their female classmates in recess, they would position themselves between two girls, bend down putting their arms behind the girls' legs and lift a girl with each arm in a sitting position, this wasn't all they would race against each other, each boy holding two joyful girls while running full speed through the school patio. I asked them to stop telling them it was dangerous and they could hurt themselves for such effort, one of the boys (let's call him Dennis) replied not to worry, that he practiced lifting his older sisters that were much bigger than the girls he lifts. I asked him how old his sisters were and how much they weighed, to my surprise he said they were 19 and 20 and each weighed 130lbs. I was skeptic since this boy couldn't weigh more than 120 lbs himself, I just told him he was exaggerating, the classmates he lifted were probably 95 lbs each, but holding two much larger girls was not possible. He told me he could prove it by lifting me with one arm like he lifted his classmates without problem, I refused but Dennis kept insisting the following days every time I would tell him to stop playing this lift game with his classmates (let' call then Daphne and Liz). But things changed one time when he didn't let the girls down after I told him, instead he approached me still holding the Daphne and Liz, he said ok I won't play anymore, and let them down in front of me, while he was still bent over he quickly grabbed my legs from behind with his left arm and before I could do anything he straightened himself up with me dangling on his arm my feet off the floor. I was embarrassed and mad, Daphne and Liz laughed at my predicament as a I kicked in an effort to break free but his grip on my thing was strong enough to keep me there, sitting on this boy's arm who is not only half my age but also shorter and certainly lighter than I am. See? I told you it's easy, girls are lightweight he said as he bounced me up and down with his left arm testing my weight, he would do it so my body would leave his arm for a tiny moment before falling into it again, he was literally throwing me in the air and catching me with just one hand, his right hand on his hip like he wasn't even trying. I used the firmest voice I could mutter asking him to let me down, he finally complied, I was embarrassed but also extremely impressed. Since then I've seen the boys do even more impressive stuff, like just last week I saw two boys competing, one girl would lift another one in a cradle and the boys were testing who could lift BOTH girls with just one arm, to my surprise Dennis and another boy did manage to lift them for good 10 seconds or so, now Dennis is asking to lift me along with another girl with just one arm, but I'm not letting that happen... So I had contact with Dennis again after one week and this time things escalated more, way more, Apparently Dennis' sisters are college cheerleaders and they practice with him since he was 12 that's why he is so accustomed to lifting bigger girls, he told me it all started as a game where they would try to use him as a flyer but he was too heavy for his sisters to hold for more than a few seconds, so they joked he should try to lift them instead laughing. Dennis said he wasn't sure he could do it but he tried anyway, he bent down behind his oldest sister (Tamara) putting his head between her legs, he straightened up so fast her sister almost came off his shoulders, he remembers it was much easier than he expected, with Tamara on his shoulders Dennis proceeded to walk around the room as his older sister (Rita) cheered him on, Tamara was speechless he remembers. After that day he would lift the girls in various positions, they taught him many cheerleader lifts, he says his favourite is the infamous chair lift. I asked him what is that and he showed me using his classmate Daphne, she agreed with joy, apparently these girls love being lifted by Dennis and the other boys. I was very curious what was this chair lift so I let them try just asking them to be curious, he kneels down behind Daphne and positioning his hand a some inches behind her butt asks her to sit down, she complies and sits down on his one hand, his hand didn't move an inch, as she let down all her weight, she proceeds to lift her feet off the floor and now she is sitting entirely on his hand, dennis proceeds to stand up with Daphne sitting steadily on his hand, his elbow still bent. Then he presses her slowly untill his arm is completely straight above his head, this was extremely impressive, after good 30 seconds he drops her and catches her in a cradle, finally putting her down. I was impressed, "and you say you do this with your sisters?, this can't be, no way can you lift a girl heavier than you are with just one hand over your head" I told him, he simply said he could do it with me and then I would believe him. I could see why it was his favourite lift, touching a girl's butt while lifting her sure was convenient. I didn't agree until a few hours later when school was over, I asked him to stay so we could talk in private, curiosity had won me over. "Okay Dennis, I'll let you try, but don't drop me and don't dare you enjoy yourself too much", I was alone with Dennis now, he smiled and without a word he did the exact same thing with me than he did with Daphne, positioned behind me and asked me to sit down, I did and my bum met his hand, to my surprise it felt so strong, like sitting on a stool it didn't wobble, "don't worry miss I got you, you can stop using your feet to hold yourself", my feet were still on the floor holding half my weight, I gradually let my weight rest on his hand, my feet lighter and lighter I finally lift my feet off the floor expecting the worst, but nope, he was supporting all my weight without even moving an inch. "That's it miss, now I'm going to stand up, don't panic". He proceeded to stand up, I could feel myself at his shoulder level, trying to grab onto something, "don't move miss, just tense your body and you won't fall", and that's what I did, I tensed my body and then I felt myself getting higher and higher, he was pressing me with just his one arm, and then I reached the max height. I was scared, embarrassed, and impressed, I couldn't believe I was being held over this boys' head with just one hand. I felt how all my weight was being held on his palm as he started moving his fingers caressing my buttocks. I could only mutter an "pleas don't" but it came out much weaker than I thought, it sounded more like an invitation for him to keep molesting me than for him to stop. "I'm sorry miss, I'm just adjusting my hand here", he obviously wasn't. He proceeded to lower me to shoulder level again, I admit I loved being held the highest possible, my mind betrayed me and I exhaled an "aww" as if I begged for more time on this boys hand. I guess he caught the message because he proceeded to press me up again, this time faster, I sweat I felt myself flying for a second there before landing on his one hand again. He kept moving his fingers, I couldn't resist but get turned on, this boy probably had more strenght in his one hand than I do in my entire body, it was humbling, I was being manhandled and molested with a single hand of a boy who is half my age. I got a little too excited, I knew this wasn't right and I asked him to let me down, he let me drop into his arms, looked me deeply in the eyes before putting me on my feet. "O-okayyy Dennis, that was impressive, but we won't repeat that again, you being strong doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to women, I won't punish you this time but we won't play like this anymore, understand?" He smiled almost devilish to me and said "Sure Miss, never again", he turned around and left, lifted his right hand above his head as if saying good bye, "see you around miss", I couldn't believe this was the same hand that held me for so long, it looked so small, certainly not capable of doing what he just did to me... but he did.