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My new story

my friend

Posted by sunny roshan on 2012-06-01 16:14:03

hi when i was 17 i got admission in another city college. i used to live there in a rented flat with my senior of 22 years. we were good friends. i had two younger brother of 14 and 10 with my parent in my home . although i was 0f 17 but i always used to bath nude in front of my parent . i was also crazy about my moms milk . i used to sleep with my mom and suck her nipples in night for milk, doesnt matter its milking or not. i was missing my faimly very much in my new place. one day i told my friend about my habbit of sucking moms milk . he got surprised as he hadnt mom and he hadnt any such type of experience. he was also not comfortable with being nude in front of mom after growing up. one day my mom came to visit me. i introduced her with my friend and also told her that he hadnt mom. now i was very comfortable with being undressed in front of my mom, my friend was not. one day when he came from college found me sucking my moms nipple. he got surprised, i requested him to join me. after my mom called him ,he joined me and enjoyed it very much. my mother had also some hesitation to let a boy of 22 suck her nipples but as he was my friend she allowed him. he became crazy about nipples .he sucked it for two hours continiously. in night when i went to bed , he insisted to sleep with my mom. he had never seen a womans body so much open. he was sucking both nipples one by one. when i wake up in night i saw him staring my moms naked body while she was sleeping . he removed her night gown and was touching her $%!@ and $%!@ hole. i tried to stop him but he told me he wanted to only see a body of woman. i went to another room but it was strange experience as i hadnt shown my nude before. i called him to my room , he covered my mom

Posted by under dog on 2013-02-09 17:25:45

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