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Belt Spanking

spanked as a boy

Posted by Stegosaurus on 2012-04-16 17:18:31

I was spanked as a boy. From as early as I can remember, probably like 4 or 5 until I turned 15.

Most of my early spankings were a quick slap of the hand on my butt. Just something to get my attention, and it was done by mom.

When I started school mom got more serious about spankings and would give them to me, pants and underwear down to ankles, with a wood paddle.

Long about 9 or 10 dad started spanking us boys for more serious infractions, although mom still spanked us for all the minor things. Dad used his belt, and he liked thin belts. We had to strip naked for punishment so we got it on our naked butt which left welts that were visible for days.

By the time I was 12, dad took over my punishment completely. I hated that day, for dad would lay into my naked butt with his belt so hard, that I thought, I would surely die. I can remember begging mom to spank me instead of waiting for dad to get home, but once I was 12, it was no use. They had agreed between them, that 12 is old enough to get really serious spankings, so dad did them.

The only exception to that was one time, my brother accidentally hit mom with a paddle ball when he was 13. Before he knew what hit him, mom had hold of him and pulled his pants and underwear down and was beating him with her paddle. She hit him so hard and so many times it broke the paddle.

But even that whipping, was mild compared to what dad gave. None of us boys wanted to get whipped by dad, at any age.

As for spanking being common among us boys, it was. All of my friends got spanked. Some even got spanked at my house, along with me or my brothers. I got spanked a few times at their house. I got spanked at school by teachers, principal and in later years by coaches.

Spanking was THE acceptable way to punish boys back then.

Posted by R.J. on 2012-04-16 18:17:19

Hi Jamie,

Wow dude...Harvard...way to go man. You gotta have the smarts to get in there. I hope it all gels if that is what you want. You get that chance and mess up any way, if dad doesn't tan your big boy butt, you'll do it yourself I bet.

Was dad right most times about reinforcement & remembering those lessons given to the butt? If too often for your liking, must have had a period there between 10-15 that you were a slow learner.

Will your dad's ideas influence your discipline outlook later if you have kids?

Posted by R.J. on 2012-04-16 18:27:59

Hi Trog,

Was the strip naked with dad just bare butt or all clothing off?

Sounds like mom grounding you to await dad getting home and being punished was a punishment in itself having to anticipate what was in store with dad. Did you risk serious misbehavior even at age 12-13 to deserve a won't sit down whipping or dad just advocate making your butt hurt to instill a lesson to remember?

Were you older or younger among the brothers? Brothers get the belt tanning rearends together often?

Was mom/dad into tanning your butt again when you got home if you got one at a friend's house or at school?

Posted by Stegosaurus on 2012-04-17 18:48:05

Hello R.J.

With dad it was all the way strip naked. He was military and modesty didn't concern him one bit. Later after I grew up, I discovered he was spanked by his dad the same way. So with us, he just continued what he knew.

Waiting for dad to get home to get spanked, was a living hell. All kinds of excuses went through my head and of course, I didn't use any of them. Dad wasn't a man who accepted excuses very well. I fell back on the old answer. "I don't know." Which of course just made him even madder.

You know, I never thought much about the consequences before I did something stupid. It was more, "I came, I saw and I did it." Afterward was when I would think, why I do that, knowing what is going to happen to my butt.

Now if it was something me and friends planned out to do, then we would also plan out our excuses and reasons to give parents if we got caught. None of those plans ever kept us from getting a butt whipping.

But most times, stupid things that we did, were spur of the moment with no planning involved.

I was older than my brothers. Sometimes I could get them to take responsibility for whatever we did so they got the whipping instead of me. But there were times when all of us got caught together and yes, we got whipped together. It was same with friends. If we all got caught together then we got whipped together by whichever dad caught us. My dad whipped the hardest so none of my friends liked getting caught by him.

When I got paddled at school, I always got whipped at home. That was a given. Mostly for 2 reasons. One was that schools never paddle as hard as parents do. But mostly because getting in trouble at school was in itself a spanking offense, no matter if we got paddled at school or not. Just bringing that note home to get signed, meant a whipping.

Friends houses was different. Our dads all knew each other. We weren't allowed to hang out with friends that our parents didn't know. So my dad knew when I got whipped by a friends dad that I got it good enough, so he didn't re-punish me again. He would ask if I learned my lesson and of course, I knew enough to always say Yes, Sir. to that one, or He would of given me another one.

School paddling was really a joke. Yes it stung. But they weren't allowed to spank bare butt, well except coach when you got it in the locker room, so they weren't as bad as what I got at home. Teacher and principal paddling didn't even bring a tear to my eye. Now coaches paddle on my bare butt, especially if I just got out of the showers and I was wet, stung like hell and would make me tear up some. But even that didn't really stop me from doing stupid things. LOL.

I was the type of boy that really didn't care about the consequences that much. If it was something I wanted to do then I did it. During spankings, paddlings and whippings I always begged them to stop and promised to be a good boy and never do it again, but of course I was a boy so I did do it again.

Posted by thekidkid on 2012-04-18 02:44:09


I am a boy and mom spanks me good with a great bigg wooden paddle, with a long long long lecture too, as i am butt naked

how about you?