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If the existence of UFOs as alien spacecraft was proven, how would you feel?

Insufficient information given

Posted by RWM on 2012-03-03 09:45:33

Let's imagine, for the sake of argument, that the strange things people have reported seeing in the skies over the past 70 years were extraterrestrials in spaceships, and that this were conclusively proven. The first question would be why they haven't openly contacted us in all that time.

Is it because there is some sort of "prime directive" (along the lines of the one in Star Trek) in which they, as a matter of policy, simply observe alien civilizations without open contact so as not to contaminate them? If so, we would presumably be limited to just knowing that they're there, and I'm not sure how interesting that would really be.

Or is it because they've been studying us in preparation for doing something further? If this is true, then it would make a lot of difference what they're planning.

If they're hostile, then we would be stuck with the fact that they're far more advanced than us technologically, and can therefore presumably destroy us, or turn us into slaves, or pretty much anything they want.

Even if they're friendly, contact with them would undoubtedly change our society in major ways that we can't even imagine at the moment. I doubt that anyone could have anticipated 150 years ago how much society was going to be changed by technological advances in the next century and a half, and in the same way, I doubt that any of us can imagine the kind of change that contact with an alien civilization (even a friendly one) would bring about. And such change, even if it were ultimately for the better, would be scary and would be likely to include things that not everyone would like, at least at first.

Posted by Anonymous21 on 2012-03-06 02:27:06

Reasonable arguments. The objective of this poll is to build a theoretical picture of how the population would respond. Yes, it would be a significant event if we made contact with extraterrestrials. Since it is an extreme matter, extreme emotional responses can be expected in many people (although some say that they do not care). There will be both euphoric and panicked people.

You asked why they (extraterrestrials) haven't overtly come forward after all of this time. The objective of this poll was to build, again, is based on theoretical information, based on the suppositions that are usually made, including that we are being visited on a regular basis, and that governments are working very hard to suppress the evidence, which is only a matter of time before the "plumbing" blows, and the evidence leaks.

I am intending to test the "fear theory", as I call it, which is the belief that governments wish to avoid mass panic, however, it seems as if at least a very large percentage of the population will have the exact opposite emotional response. I also left an option at the bottom, which, I believe, takes into account your arguments, and allows people to express that they will decide based on evidence that arises then (such as if we find out whether they are hostile or benevolent). There are also allegations that governments wish to maintain an advantage, and do not wish for advanced technologies to fall into the hands of the public.

This poll uses information which is based on what is usually supposed by proponents of the claims that UFOs are alien spacecraft, and that was the information I am assuming. Please let me know if I had understood your point correctly, and if you believe that it is strongly recommended to make changes to the poll.

Thank you, by the way for your feedback.