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Moms dominated by daughters (Women only)

why do they do it?

Posted by Sally3 on 2015-06-13 14:34:58

The fact that my daughter obviously enjoys dominating and disciplining me and treating me like a silly little girl and has friends who enjoy it too, adds greatly to my embarrassment and humiliation. I was never turned on by the thought of dominating my mother so it's hard for me to understand what the appeal is to her. She is the one in charge of me. Her husband adds the more serious discipline (the cane) when she asks him to, but i think the main effect for him is to spice up their love life - judging by the noise they make upstairs as i serve my nude corner time in the living room after he's caned me.

Is it the thought of the sex to come that arouses a girl like my daughter, or is it the fact that she is in charge, can subject her own parent to her will and make her submit to any kind of pain and humiliation? What do girls like her and dominategirl (in another post in this comments section) get out of it, irl or in fantasy? It's obvious just from the envious comments that many more girls love the idea of dominating their moms than actually get to do so.

Is it important that the daughter thinks, as mine does, that her mom really needs and deserves this treatment for her own good? Is it because her mom is immature and irresponsible and needs close supervision, strict discipline, to be dressed, kept smooth down there, and treated like the age she acts, as i am told daily? Or is just the feeling of power and control itself? I'd love to understand.


Posted by Dazo on 2015-08-11 04:52:08

Dear Sally3

Any of your reasons that you gave could be the reason why your daughter enjoys treating you like she does so much. Without knowing your daughter I cannot say which.