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Moms dominated by daughters (Women only)


Posted by julie685 on 2012-03-06 12:31:16

This is an interesting poll and it would be good to see the results of the open-ended questions, not just the multiple-choice ones. You have 25 responses to some of them. Would you please summarize or copy and paste these answers so those of us who voted can see what was said? Thanks for taking the trouble.

Posted by bschin2188 on 2012-03-12 05:12:43

Per your request, the following are some of the answers that I have received to the questions "what is the worst thing that your daughter has done to you" and "what is the worst thing she may do to you". I have removed a few answers due to them containing contact information. May I ask if you are in a similar situation?

She spanked my bare $%!@ over her knee with a belt until I was sobbing.","She has threatened to spank me bare assed in front of her friends.","-","She is much stronger than me now and she knows I'm afraid of her and can't stop her from doing whatever she wants to me."

"Made me serve her party guest (boys and girl) naked.","Threatens to show a vibrator into me while her friends are over and wait until I orgasm.","-","make more polls"

She. Has both me and her father in chastity belts, me in diapers, makes me call her mommy, and will change/spank me in front of her friends. She has had one of her friends babysit me while she went on a date with a boy I had told her not to see","Threatened to hold an auction with friends. And family for the keys to our chastity belts....and to have us be on hand in bathrooms during parties to be human toilet paper",,

"made me go naked at a family reunion and let whole family watch her take a belt to my butt in the livingroom!","make me sit on a hot plate!","she lost control after dad died!",

"undress in front of others","take me out in short skirt without underwear",,

","She wanted me to show her my vagina","Take her pants off in public",

"I had to change my daughters tampons for a week","She had threatened to spank me otk completely nude in front of my parents",,

,"making me wear diapers","made me wear diapers"

"$%!@ed me in front of her friends","blow her boyfriend",,

"I never spanked my daughter but use to shout at her for being naughty and a friend suggested that instead of shouting why not say thats it i have had enough if you want to be naughty be naughty and give up but from now on if your good I will take you shopping each week and buy clothes and stuff and if your naughty and I shout at you you can spank me any way you like, so i thought about it and that is what I told my daughter and she said you shouted at me, at first i was fully clothed and then she wanted me to take down my bottoms and panties so she can see the red marks on my $%!@, then it lead to her wanting me to be fully naked in the middle of the room and she makes sure my arms are at my sides and she will walk round me looking and saying what she is about to do, now she uses rulers and stuff and spanks my tummy, $%!@, breasts, it is nothing sexy about it and I do not get turned on by it, but it only happens once or twice a month and as soon as I shout I think damm what the hell i have done, then she says strip for spanking, but I have seen her become a good daughter now. she will not be naughty as much and she knows she will get spoilt if she is good, but i do think when she gets naughty now she will and might be doing it on purpose","my worse fear has to be some thing to do with a vibrator or some thing being put in my vagina when she spanks me, it has not happened and hopefully will never happen but that what my friend daughter does to her and my daughter and her daughter are good friends but i am not sure if they get ideas from each other",,

"forced me to wear diapers","$%!@ me with dildo"

"she made me lick her bottom ","she has threatened to film a spanking ",,"my daughter has let her friends spank me, too"

serving her friends nude","kicking me out in public",,

"Spanked me on my breasts and down below","She threateden to spank me naked in front of my friends",,

"On several occasions,I have been spanked nude in front of my daughter's in-laws and their familys and children.","Threatened to spank me very bare at a restaurant or shopping store.",,

My daughter made me take all my clothes off on my birthday. And then she stood me up against the wall and told me that on your b-day you should be in your birthday suit. so then she decided to give me a birthday spanking with my belt on my rear in front of my husband and 2 of my friends. Then she rubbed my rear and squezzed it as she said ""happy birthday"" then she turned me around and got 2 hairclips and put them on my nipples and made me keep them there for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes she took the hairrclips off and squeezed my breasts kissed me. (nothing sexual, just a little kiss on the lips)","make me stand outside the house in my bra and panties.","it's fun :)","no"

"standing in the cornor in front of her friends","call my friends over to see how i am, tell her father",,

"spanking in front of my mom","spanking in front of my mother

"making me be nude at home","Having me be nude in front of her girl and boy friends",,


corner time.","diaper&corner time.","this is enjoy.","nothing."

Lifting my skirt pulling my panties down and spanking my bare bottom over knee in front of a 11 year old girl friend of hers, I was so embarrasing especially as she is often round our house. ","My daughter has threatend me that in future after a spanking I am to kneel down in the corner with my nose touching the floor exposing my self for 1 hour, she is also loooking in to using a cane.",,

I'm the daughter. The worst I've done is watch my Dad $%!@ my Mom to orgasm, and I've forcibly made her orgasm while we were alone.","I'm the daughter. I haven't threatened anything I haven't done, and i don't know what Mom is afraid I might do.","I took control of my parents because they tried to moralize me out of using weed while they were secretly using it themselves. I keep it up because I enjoy it","I give my parents no privacy for sex. They have to be naked around me, and they're not allowed to $%!@ unless I'm watching. I make Dad wear a chastity device when I'm not around. If he's too hard to put it on, I matter-of-factly jerk him off. If Mom is around, she can't help watching. Sometimes when I'm alone with Mom, I forcibly suck her breasts and finger her $%!@ until she has an orgasm."

put me in a diaper, made me kneel next to her bed as her boyfriend $%!@ed her, then made me clean them both up","put me in a chastity belt, rent me to her friends",,

$%!@ion for her boyfriend ","get pregnant

Posted by Notmenotme2 on 2012-05-21 07:31:31

Just wondering if there has there been any new replies since you last posted that would be worth sharing?

Posted by PattiB on 2012-10-13 21:26:55

OMG! I just found out this was here! I didn't take the poll, but I'm the mother of the girl who doesn't give us any privacy for sex. I recognize everything she wrote. Totally embarrassing, but I can't even imagine dealing with what you've been through. If you have any questions, you can write to me at pattibaldano@gmail.com.

Posted by dominategirl on 2014-08-31 00:53:37

Omg this turns me on so much plz tell me your ages...hmmmm my $%!@ is wet ;)