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Why do people choose to believe in a deity


Posted by RWM on 2012-03-08 21:22:49

Since your poll doesn't have enough choices to allow me to answer some of your questions, I'll answer them here.

Are you athiest?

No. And by the strict dictionary definition, I never have been. At one time, I was not convinced that there was a God, but neither was I convinced that there was no God (which is how my dictionary defines the word "atheist").

What closest represents your beliefs?

I have become aware of evidence of God's existence that I consider to be conclusive.

What do you think is the reason of the direct correlation between intelligence and lack of religiosity.

I have never seen any evidence that there is such a correlation. Some of the most intelligent people in history have believed in the existence of God. If you know of a study indicating that there is such a correlation, I'd be interested in knowing where and when the study was published, and by whom.

Why do you think people believe in religion?

No need to speculate, since I did a study on it for a college psychology class. The two most commonly given reasons were:

1) direct evidence through personal experience: People claimed to have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced phenomena that they believed could only be explained by the hypothesis that God was real.

2) philosophical arguments: People were convinced that such things as the existence of the universe, the existence of inferential thought, the existence of objective moral principles, etc. could only be explained by the premise that God existed.

What is the best approach to dealing with someone who's religious?

If you have no interest in the subject, you can ignore them. Otherwise, I would suggest that you (1) ask them why they believe what they believe, and (2) share with them why you believe (or don't believe) what you believe (or don't believe).

How long until religion is extinct except in small pockets of humanity (if we can survive before they destroy the planet)?

First, I don't know why you think that religious people are going to destroy the planet. The only thing humans have done that has seriously raised the possibility of destroying the entire planet is invent nuclear weapons, and religion didn't really play any role in that.

Second, the prevalance of religion throughout the history of mankind strongly suggests that it will never become extinct.

Posted by DJsandman on 2012-03-09 09:46:24

RYou do not have speical powers I don't, I don't know what happens when we die so nobody does. There are those who pretend they know and revert to an easy solution in the abstence of knowledge, but those are weak minded people. I can't disprove an infinite number of things, I can't prove wether or not santa is real and you can tell me evolution is a theory. But in the end I am right because gravity is a theory and the earth being round is only a theory but it has been strained and tested, to give god a 50/50% chance of being correct is a ridiculous ideology because their are an infinite number of possibilities coming from other dimensions that people in our 3 dimensional frame cannot understand.

Yes there is indeed a direct correlation between intelligence and lack of religosity, but maybe your not intelligent enough to use google either. 93% of people in the academy of sciences are athiest or agnostic, people in universities show a higher level of athiesm and vancouvers avg iq compared to the rest of canada is second highest at 109, and we are the most athiest city in north america. Religion is a plague on our society and teaches homophobia, racism and sexism. You are not worthy of my time due to your complete ignorance and incompetence. I wouldn't believe a textbook or medical journal from 50 years ago and your somehow dumb enough to believe in a talking snake and some fairy tales from the bronze age.

And yes if you ever bother to stop being blinded by religion you can look at readily available charts of the percentage of people in first world countries who are going athiest going higher and higher. Your probably from the united states, they're probably one of the least intelligent people as a whole. Out of 37 countries only turkey had more people who doubted evolution. Pathetic that people get indocrintated so easily, such feeble minds. Your mom could have told you that you were muslim, believed in zues or applo or one of over a million religions and I'm sure you would believe whatever you were told. When I was 7 I knew santa wasn't real, I made my parents tell me. I have always questioned and understood, for you to say the simple-minded fallacy's I have seen today only make me pity you.

Posted by Tara25 on 2012-03-21 02:48:20

Thank you.... I was going to take the poll and quickly realized that a) the creator was totally one sided and b) for most of the questions, none of the answers described me or my personal situation.

For the creator of the poll, my IQ is above average AND I believe in God.

Posted by DJsandman on 2012-03-21 03:40:25

Religious people believe that just because they believe in fairy-tales it has to be part of the debate. In reality it isn't and when your dealing with people who believe in such utter nonsense they aren't invited to the debate. Religion is fake, you could be one of over a million faiths of different beliefs, the idea of a biblical god is completely seperate from any idea of creation. It doesn't matter what your personal brain processing power is capable of, to give you a platform based on your ridiculous notions without proof is laughable. You are not intelligent because you are gullible, read any bible and its a terrorism nightmare. Muslims and the bible have a very similar indoctrine, fortunately civilized society has prevailed over hate, sexism, racism and homophobia, gone are the days of torture and sexual abuse from the priests and replaced with reason and science. You are useless for thoughtlessly following an plague on the planet.

If you follow the christian bible, then for someone to work on the day of the sabbath, he is to be put to death. Correct, the word of god compels you to kill someone who works on sunday. Sounds like a radical and unjust punishment for working on sunday, so its a good thing now we have evolved beyond church with exceptions from a few morons such as yourself, and the world is going in the direction of athiesm. I am definitely smarter then you, I'm sure my iq is higher because if you had my mind you wouldn't be confined to worshipping a book of fairy tales from the bronze age to tell you the exact opposite of today's ideals. Keep living in the dark ages you drone.

Posted by DJsandman on 2012-03-21 18:04:43


And because you guys aren't intelligent to look up anything relating intelligence and lack of religion here you go. But I highly doubt you'll be intelligent enough to absorb the information through your thick skulls.