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About Jesus

Jesus is our Savior

Posted by doctorwho29 on 2011-12-06 22:29:53

Jesus was both God and man concieved of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. He died on the cross for the salvation of every man, woman, and child who will ever live. He wants to forgive everyone of whatever sins they have commited and join them to Himself in a beautiful and loving relationship. He wants to be our friend, guide, comforter, you name it. He is the most awesome person to ever live!!!

Posted by shaun h on 2012-07-26 17:44:37

Jesus, or Yeshua was a radical, and revolutionary man who formulated an ethical way of living that got him into trouble with the religious authorities of his day. His biological parents were Mary and Joseph, not the "holy spirit of God". He had both brothers and sisters, some of whom became his followers, when he began preaching. He married the woman who we today know as Mary Magdalene, since, according to Jewish law, no man could be called a "rabbi" unless he was married. The incident when he overturned the tables of those merchants in the forecourt of the Jerusalem Temple only goes to show his desire to bring mankind closer to God, without the intervention of "middle men" like the Temple authorities. This went against what those authorities wanted, and they collaborated with the Romans to exterminate this dangerous individual. The "resurrection" was no more than his followers removing the body to give it a burial according to their beliefs. (Interesting to note that it was his wife who first went to the tomb, and that the tomb belonged to one of his followers). This does not in any way detract from his teachings, since the "sermon on the mount" is one of the most influential teachings on how we should live together, that was ever delivered. Please don't think that what I've posted here means that I'm not religious, but when I reflect on how the Bible has been used to justify pogroms, and similar, I'd sooner call myself an ethical humanitarian than someone who blindly follows a religious dogma.

Posted by Chris Wood on 2012-10-15 16:54:33

Shaun, are you a student of religion by any chance? You have some well-thought out ideas concerning religious matters, and I guess that you have some kinda background in these sorts of things. All of what you say here is conceivable, and I for one would not condemn you for these beliefs. (Unlike some folks I know). I certainly agree with you concerning the "Sermon on the Mount", as I too think it's really a set of instructions for how we should live together. As you say, it's a real shame that more people cannot follow these simple hints.

Posted by shaun h on 2012-10-18 16:02:02

Chris Wood, I'm actually a student in L.A. doing Sports Studies, with a view to going to University in the East, and perhaps going on to a career in theatre, if I'm lucky. I only wish there were more people like yourself, who can take folks for who they are and not condemn them 'cause they have different views. My "faith", ( as you call it), is actually neo-pagan, but don't let that make you think I go around sacrificing virgins whenever there's a full moon! It's more a case of living in harmony with the natural world, and not taking advantage of the Earth's resources. Pity more folks don't think like this, since what we're doing is slowly making pieces of our world gradually uninhabitable.

Posted by gorangle on 2013-01-26 15:27:02

Someone mentioned the "Sermon on the Mount". At least this, unlike the "ten" commandments, does preach a reasonably sound moral code.

I find it amazing that believers think that the "ten" commandments are moral instructions to live by. Of course, they only quote the "good ones" like "Thou shall not kill". They ignore the instructions about how to sell your daughters and the atrocious one that suggest that those still unborn, even as far as three or four generations ahead will suffer because of the ancestors dirty deeds. What kind of disgusting perversion is that?