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Posted by DJsandman on 2012-02-21 09:20:59

Sucks. Its for unintelligent people. It is a poison of civilization. A curse from 2000 years ago indoctrinating and expanding like a virus. Science and reason are the cure, and the spread of the cancer is receding and in 100 years it won't exist as the endless amounts of sheep that roam the world won't have to worry about death through science.

Posted by Tyson...... of Australia!! on 2012-06-03 09:24:35

I agree that religion is irrational and a great source of non-thinking in the world, however a great deal of intelligent people do believe in their religion for a whole range of reasons, many passionately. What is true is that education has a negative correlation to religiosity: the more educated an individual, the greater chance she/he is not religious, or has ceased to be religious. This is not an absolute though.

Religion is much older than 2000 years. There were religions on this earth prior to the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, these are just dominant in our time. Religion has been with humanity for countless millenia, but this does not give justification for it; just because an idea is old does not therefore make it right. Besides, it does appear contradictory that most religions appear to claim themselves to be 'correct' and the explanation for existence despite being substantially younger than humanity (let alone the earth or the universe!) while being popular at the expense of those religions they replaced suggesting that any given religion is by nature transient and destined to be discarded, falsified and largely forgotten.

Posted by zugger on 2012-07-31 07:51:15

Yes indeed,

religion is poison for society. What I don't share is the optimism that it will have ceased to exist 100 years from now.

Fact is that over the last decades we have actually seen a surge of irrational beliefs.

Islam is rising strongly in Africa and Asia, evangelistic churches are getting more and more followers in Latin America, the USA are still an extremely religious country and in Europe many forms of irrational beliefs (esoterics, homeopathy etc) thrive.

Whilst some established religious institutions are losing followers (namely the Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran churches) many others are gaining support.

It is true that higher education is a vaccine against irrational beliefs, but it's still not 100% effective.

What I see as positive is that atheism is becoming more and more generally accepted. Many people who have never been religious or have lost their faith and had labelled themselves as agnostics, now realize that the non-existence of supernatural powers is not an hypothesis as valid as their existence but the only reasonable one.

I think there are two main reasons for the existence of religious and other irrational beliefs:

  1. the world is complex and now more than ever and people feel scared by its complexity. They seek simple answers, all in one solutions. Religion and spirtuality narrow the view and allow to ignore the complexity.
  2. People are afraid of death - a sexually transmitted disease with 100% lethality. They have difficulty accepting that they will eventually die (possibly very painful) and that everything will be over then, once and for all. Religion and spirituality are offering the delusion of somewhat like an afterlife.
Posted by Paraic on 2019-01-03 03:06:04

You use science to soften the horror of your inevitable death so way is religion such a "cancer" for doing the same thing for millions of people?