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Punishment For Rape


Posted by debijean on 2007-12-21 18:02:25

Posted by Tammy M on 2007-12-20 14:45:13

"Would the use of silicon rubber not eliminate any feeling of the beating though? "

I don't think so. There are many veins that travel along the length of the wiener, just under the skin, that would keep the nerves alive. I think that the surface would still feel everything that you do to it... it's just the chambers would be solidified.

"No doubt introducing the silicon would itself be incredibly painful."

Yes, it would require a large guage needle to push the silicon through in order to refill the chambers... it would probably take some time to fill each one independently.

"Could something like poison oak or poison ivy have it's irritating agents converted to liquid, and then using a syringe, shoot it down the urethra. "

As an alternative, wear gloves to protect yourself, then take stems of poison oak (with the leaves attached) and roll them tightly so that you can jam the stem down the urethra... then f uck his urethra with them so that the lining is thoroughly coated with the oil from the leaves. It saves having to make a liquid, and adds some abrassion to the application. You can leave the stems jammed inside as long as you like.

There is one other thing though, now that you mention liquid irritant, and that is bee venom. The venom from a wasp can be milked from the insect and stored in a vial until you have enough to fill a small syringe. Just a drop or two of this venom is the same as being stung. I would suggest going around the rim on the head of the wiener, and make tiny injections every 1/8 inch or so. I would also cut the end of the wiener open, through the bottom, about 1/2 inch down, so that the urethra can be spread open... then make the wasp venom injections into the walls of the urethra, all around the opening, and down as deep as the needle would reach. This could be done prior to the poison oak stuffing. ;-)

"Have him tied up in a manner that secures him, but allows him to squirm. I've no doubt he'd be doing just that, his wiener dancing around from the burning/itching sensation inside. Leave that in there for a few hours and tell him there's one way, and one way only to stop the pain; by cutting off his wiener! Just like in the story, make him beg! Make him say "Please cut off my dirty little wiener" over and over. Then decide whether or not you do it! :-)"

I would not cut it off, no matter how long he begged, until I burned every possible cell of skin on the head of his wiener with a butane lighter. I would make sure that he knew that I was going to destroy the head... not just burn it a bit... and that it could never be healed. I would love to go all around the head and hold the flame right up against the skin for several seconds at a time before moving to the next spot. I would pry the urethra open and shoot the flame directly into the opening and hold it there so that the skin started to sizzle. I would keep burning it.. over and over... until the whole head was just charred black ash. Then I would cut it off.


Posted by 5sam on 2007-12-21 18:41:02

Debijean, how about taking a soldering iron, forcing it inside the wiener and then turning it on and watching as it heats up and begins to melt the skin from the inside. Or maybe jerking off an erect wiener wearing a glove that has numerous razor blades attached to the palm. There would be nothing left to jerk off after a few seconds.

Tammy, surely such males would make perfect guinea pigs for testing drugs and cosmetics on, for the benefit of women and girls. The left over ones, as you say, could be disposed of in a way that entertains any women or girls interested. I will send you an email soon, if thats ok?


Posted by Tammy M on 2007-12-22 19:03:19

How about jerking off a hard wiener with a pair of those kitchen-pot scrubbing gloves. Would not do as much damage as the razor blade idea, but would take a very long time, and would really hurt. Pay special attention to the wiener head.

Yes of course Samantha. Feel free to email me.

Posted by debijean on 2007-12-23 17:11:30

"Posted by 5sam on 2007-12-21 18:41:02 Debijean, how about taking a soldering iron, forcing it inside the wiener and then turning it on and watching as it heats up and begins to melt the skin from the inside."

I Love this idea! It's kinda slow, to start, but would become extremely painful quickly when the temperature of the point gets really hot... and there's nothing he can do about it. I like that it would try to blister inside, but that the ever increasing heat would just burn away the blister and make very deep burns in the urethra ;-)

Another similar idea is to force underwater fuse inside and light it. It doesn't go out when submerged in water, so I'm assuming that it would keep burning when it goes up inside the urethra... if you put a long enough piece in, it would burn into the bladder and make the urine really hot too... then he'd have to pee the hot liquid out over the burned urethra... could always keep replacing the fuse and lighting them one at a time...

"Or maybe jerking off an erect wiener wearing a glove that has numerous razor blades attached to the palm. There would be nothing left to jerk off after a few seconds."

There are gloves made that are called "vampire gloves". They have points in the palms, but also down the length of the fingers... it's like they put studs, that used to be used for decoration on clothing, through the material from the inside... and shapened the points, instead of bending them in. Those points will pierce the skin and make lacerations if you jerk off a wiener while wearing them... Same painful effect, without having it be over so quickly. ;-)

Sam, if you would like, why don't you ask Tammy to exchange your email information with me as well... she has all my information.


Posted by 00Sv3n on 2008-01-19 04:45:43

You girls seem to like stories. I've got one for you:

Rape gone Bad

by elec_tron6

I'm an ex-rapist. You wouldn't have thought I looked like it but I was. Or I was when I was still a man.

I was a well educated black man in a hi tech job. I was well spoken, handsome, and very musculer from frequent workouts. And I have a woman pleasing thick ten inch uncircumsiced $%!@ that I'm rather proud of.

All that was not enough to make me happy though. I hate whites. Especially white women. So weak but so high and mighty and pretty. So I find newly divorced or widowed young white women and rape them. I had been raping a women once a month for more than 2 years.

This is the story of my last rape, my 29th.

After browsing the obit's I found a 22 year old woman with a husband killed in a car accident. She lived in the country in a trailer. Perfect. I staked her out and learned her habits and most importantly when she was alone.

She lived in an old trailer in the country, more than 2 miles from her nearest neighbor. One morning when I was sure she was alone I drove up in a rental car. She peeked at me through the window and disappeared. Getting dressed maybe. I walked to the door pausing a moment to slash the tire of her pickup on the side away for the trailer and knocked on her door. She was a real looker. Short curly blonde hair, 5'2', hazel eyes, and not more than 110 pounds. She was wearing denim short shorts, a loose plaid shirt, a gold cross necklace, and barefoot. When she answered I told her I was lost and asked for directions to a town that didnt exist. Of course she didn't know the way. I asked if anyone else was here I could ask and she said she was alone. Stupid. Finally I asked if I could come in and use the phone. As soon as the door closed I grabbed her and pulled my razor sharp knife on her.

She screamed of course. I waited for it to end. She tried to escape but had no chance against me. I calmly told her that no one would hear her and she knew it as well as I did. She looked left and right, seeking escape, there was none.

"LET ME TELL YOU what is going to happen here. I'm going to rape you Suzy, and use you anyway I wish. If you try to hurt me or escape I'll kill you. If you cooperate I'll let you go when I'm done. Unharmed. If you resist, I'll carve you up until you cooperate." I said brandishing the knife.

After the usual begging for mercy and crying I checked on some important issues. Any guns? No, she gave it to her brother after her husbands death. "Good, those things are dangerous." I laughed. The phone, I cut the line on the regular phone and threw the batteries for the remote out the back door. Then the kitchen knives. I told her about the tire on the pickup. I pushed the couch against the back door and the table against the front door. I turned up the thermostat, I planned on being naked with this bitch for the rest of the day.

She was calmer now. She could see she could not escape now and I could see her thinking about how to get out of this with a minimum of danger or pain.

I released her. "Lets go to the bedroom." I said.

She hesitated then led me to the bedroom. I double checked the nightstand for weapons, there were none. There was a walk in closet and a large bathroom with a heart shaped tub made for two. How sweet. The queen bed and chair were heavy wood and homemade, husband probably. Dresser, makeup table, and TV set made up the balence of the furniture. I pushed the dresser infront of the bedroom door. She looked like she was defeated and afraid. Good, I like that. What turns me on the most is the look of fear and hatred on the white bitches I rape.

Now that things were to my liking I was starting to get into the scene.

"Strip." I ordered.

Slilently she complyed, crying all the while. Shirt first, she was braless. Small breasts, quite firm, perky nipples. Then the shorts, she was a natural blond with a small neatly trimed bush and a tiny tight $%!@. I love the little white girl look. I am repulsed by black women with big fat $%!@ and big floppy $%!@ that seem to be so common on them.

"Take off my shirt." I ordered.

"Please, I've showed you what..." she started.

"SHUT UP" I shouted. "DON'T even start, bitch. You are mine for now and you will obey or be hurt."

Shocked, she paused, then moved over to me and began to unbutton my shirt. I shrugged it off and said "On your knees, $%!@, and take off my pants." I kicked off my shoes.

She slowly unbuckled my belt. That was fine, I like to go slow with a rape, I had all day and wanted to enjoy it to the full.

Down slid my pants. My prominent bulge in her face. She stared at it. I've seen this reaction before, I'm nine inches and thick when I'm soft so the bulge is impressive.

"Now the underwear." I said.

She looked up at my face and I growled "Now."

She grasped the sides of my briefs and pulled them down. When they were low enough my big jet black snake with the head still hidden under the foreskin popped out at her. She jerked her head back and gasped "Oh my God, no. There is no way I can take that. It's too big."

I smiled. This is a reaction I really enjoyed. Black women thought I was big but white women always were in awe. White men have puny $%!@. "Just wait until its hard, bitch."

I stepped back and kicked off my the rest of my clothes so I was naked too and asked "Never seen a big $%!@ before or a black one?"

"My husband wasn't half that big, I can't take it." she wimpered.

"You'll take it in your mouth and even your $%!@, bitch" I said.

Now I saw true terror, far more than when I pulled the knife on her. Interesting.

"No, no, no. Not my $%!@, please I beg you, I'll do anything. I'll be your sex $%!@ slave and do anything else you want. Please, please, anything but my $%!@." she begged. Now she was starting to panic visibly.

I laughed at her. "Ok, if you REALLY cooperate and please me well enough with you mouth and $%!@ maybe I'll spare your little white $%!@." I laughed again.

"Now suck me off, $%!@." I said standing before my kneeling victim.

"I'm afraid I'll get AIDS." she said.

"I'm clean. bitch. Now get started." I ordered.

"Whats wrong with, err, I mean it looks different." she said nervously.

"Whats the matter, never seen an uncut $%!@ before? This is what $%!@ really look like." I laughed again. This was going to be so great.

She gently took my still soft $%!@ in her fingers and lifted it to look at it from different angles. Fasinated with it. She slowly pulled the skin down the shaft and looked at the tip now peeking out from the foreskin. "Oh, there it is." she said. Her eyes lit up as my $%!@ was now hardening in her fingers.

Now she slid the soft skin up and down the hard shaft alternately hiding and reveiling the fat pink head under the jet black foreskin. My $%!@, now ten rock hard inches in all its glory was ready for action. "Suck it." I repeated.

She put her mouth on just the tip with the foreskin covering the head. Enough of that. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it halfway down the shaft. The head hit the back of her throat and she gagged and jerked away. While she coughed I said "I said blow me and thats an order. Now get to it or I'll shove it up your $%!@."

Looking frightened, she now started to suck in earnest. The most she could take was half before she choked, even then her mouth was stretched obsenely around my think shaft. She mouthed the shaft on the sides and the underside alot. I liked the way my heavy, black, loose hanging balls looked on her chin as she licked the underside. I sat down in the chair and leaned back. She started sucking hard on the head while she slid the loose skin up and down the thick shaft. I hadn't come in more than a week and my balls ached they were so full. I knew I wouldn't last long and didn't try. She sensed I was close and increased her tempo. Just before I came she fondled my balls with one hand while she stroked me with the other. I dropped the knife behind the chair and grabbed her head with both hands just as I was pumping the first shot from my balls.

She tried to pull away. No way bitch. I held her head and pumped my huge load in her mouth. I shoot about a half a cup of jism in eight strong shots when I come, more so than most men or so I'm told. Must be my oversized balls. I watched her swallow and didn't let up until I was sure she had every drop.

When I let her go she coughed while I picked the knife back up. I remained seated. She stood and said "I've done as you asked now please go."

"I ain't leaving until I've $%!@ed you good, bitch." I said.

"WHAT! I made you come, I even drank your black sperm." she cried out. "You got what you wanted."

"What I want is to ease this big old black snake in that little blond $%!@ of yours. This blowjob was just a warm up." I told her. "Now go clean up in the bathroom and put on some makeup."

She moved to comply and I pushed the chair over so I could watch, it was heavy even for me. She took her time, but again, I was in no rush. I turned on the TV to a music channel while she applied makeup.

"Do you have any stockings?" I asked.

"I have pantyhose." she said.

"Ugly, put on the highest heels you own and get back out here." I ordered.

She did. Sexy heels with straps around the calves too. "Now you are going to dance for me until I'm ready for more action. You can change the music channel if you want to." I said. With makeup and nothing on but those heels the woman was simply gorgous. Incredibly sexy.

She changed the channel to a bubble gum pop channel and began to dance to artists like Britany Spears. She mostly danced with her eyes closed, trying to forget I was there, or maybe imagining her late small dicked husband. Whatever it was she got hotter with each song. I stroked my $%!@ slowly while my lust built up in my balls. The room had grown quite warm and they hung very low.

I let her dance about a half an hour before I had enough of it. Towards the end she was dancing looking right at me playing with myself and her moves had become very erotic.

I pushed her back on the bed. "Go slow, I've never had anyone so big before." she begged.

I eased my way into her standing at the side of the bed. She was on her back, legs spread wide. Great view of her little $%!@ and little blond bush. Wet blond bush, sweaty or was she really hot? I placed my hard $%!@ in her little pink lips and holding her legs up began push into her slowly. This girl wasn't kidding, she was tight as a nervous virgin. And she was soaking wet. She had gotten as hot as I was while she danced. With the lips spead so split so wide on my huge shaft I could see her pretty little $%!@, hard and clistening in the sunlight.

"Oh my God, oh my God" she repeated. "I've never been this full."

And I was only halfway in. I began to $%!@ her slowly, gradually working my way in deeper with each thrust. I hit bottom when I was all the way in. I had come only an hour ago so I thought I could last a while and really enjoy this $%!@ but she was just so tight. I $%!@ed her with long slow strokes alternating with short fast ones. If I stayed deep she about hyperventilated.

She was $%!@ing me back now and making little squeeking noises. My balls kept hitting her $%!@ making wet slapping sounds. She was dripping wet. This was definately the best $%!@ I have ever had so far. This went on for a few minutes.

I pulled out of her tight $%!@ not wanting to come just yet. That was tough bucause I was so close that just a few more thrusts would have done it. She wimpered, I wasn't sure if it was fear over what was next or need for my $%!@. My $%!@ ached with need and throbbed and bounced with every heartbeat. I wanted to maximize the fear and loathing I saw in her. I sat down in the chair and gestured with the knife for her to kneel and suck me off.

"Start with my balls." I said. "Lick them and gently suck them into your mouth, you white trash $%!@."

If looks could kill..., but they cant. My knife could and after a quick glance at it she knelt before me.

"Worship my black balls, $%!@." I said with a smile.

She touched what to her must have been to her the vile center of my manhood with her tougue and then took one of my loose hanging balls into her mouth. My huge, still throbing and driping wet $%!@ now lay across her check, the head in her hair. She reached up a grasped the shaft in her little well manicured fingers and slid the loose skin up and down, hiding then exposing the swollen head of my $%!@. I was looked like she was fasinated by the size and foreskin of my big black blonde beating weapon. She stared and stared as she stroked it. I was still close and didn't plan $%!@ing her more just yet but just after she switched the ball she was sucking on I said to her "I think I'll $%!@ your little white $%!@ after all, it would be a shame to let your assholle go unstreched by my black snake."

Ahh, that's the reaction I love to see. Wide eyed terror. Her hand stopped and the sucking stopped but I was still in her mouth. I started to laugh when I saw her eyes narrow with hate then a blinding pain hit me.

She was biting my ball! Never have I felt such pain. I cried out and dropping the knife, I reflexively bent forward and grabbed her her. I was screaming now. I passed out.


I was still in the chair when I woke, my balls still in pain. I reached for them at once but realized my hands were tied behind the chair. My ankles and thighs were tied to the leg and the arms of the chair. Even my chest was tied to the back of the chair. Not tied, duck taped. Mouth taped too. Still naked, my legs were spread wide and my $%!@ and balls were very exposed. Now I'm in trouble I thought. The cops must be on the way. I strained against the tape but couldn't budge. Trapped.

Suzy walked back in the bedroom. I was amazed that she was still naked, still in the high heels i ordered her to wear. Wouldn't she have dressed while she waited for the police? Her little blond bush was dry so I knew she had time to clean up. She had my knife and a towel and a bottle of vodka which she set down next to me on the floor. She stepped back a bit and stood facing me, a wide legged stance. Trying to look dominate. Succeding.

"I was gonna call the sheriff but I realized that you ain't come in me yet. Without proof of rape that it would be your word against mine and I don't really want to go through court anyway." She said.

I smiled under the tape. She was right and with a laywer and a bissiness suit I could get out of this. "When I got lost and stopped for directions she kneed me in the groin, tied me up and screamed rape." I imagined myself saying to the judge, a known black liberal. A clear case of racism I would claim.

"So I figure I'm gonna do three things to protect myself from you. First, I'm gonna get proof of rape. Second, I'm gonna tell my brother about you and if he ever see your face ain't nothing gonna stop him from gunning you down. He hates blacks and would sure like a reason to do it." She said. "I ain't gonna tell the cops if I never see you again, but I'll keep the proof just in case I do."

Now I was more confused than scared. Proof? Was she not going to call the cops? Proof?

She smiled and walked over to me. "You know, I don't care about the color of your skin. If things had been different I might have $%!@ed you anyway. I think you are handsome and I love a man's hard muscles." She said.

She went into the bathroom for a moment and returned with a warm wet washcloth. She knelt between my legs and used the washcloth to clean my $%!@ and still sore balls. She said in a very low voice "I've never seen such a great $%!@ before. It's the biggest I've ever had and I love the foreskin. It's a shame all men don't have them. Ten inches and thick. Women would fight each other for a $%!@ like this on their men."

My God, the woman was turned on! She was going to $%!@ me for the proof she was raped! She set the cloth aside and gently held the shaft. With slight motions she was coxing my $%!@ hard again. My balls began to ache even more with both need and the bite from earlier. She watched fasinated as the head slowly was coaxed out from under the foreskin. I couldn't beleive my good luck at this turn of events. I would get to come in her tight $%!@ and not get turned in!

"First to get you ready again, stud." She said as she fondled my sore balls and then began to lick my long shaft.

I settled in and prepared to enjoy the blowjob. Not like I had a choice anyway. She showed alot more skill this time. Better attitude too. She played with my $%!@. She focused on the head with her mouth and lightly fingered the long shaft. She sucked the side of my $%!@ and fingered the end and base like she was playing the flute. She was really enjoying it. She then tried to deepthroat me. The woman I was raping a few minutes ago. After several tries she gave up. My $%!@ was just too big for her. She barely got over half each time but it felt fabulous anyway.

She stood and faced me looking at again throbbing $%!@. Smiling with a real mischeivious look on her face she stepped forward and stood over my lap. With her breasts in my face and the cross still dangling between them she positioned my $%!@head at the enterence of her $%!@ and slowly slid down until she was sitting in my lap facing me and every inch of my shaft was buried in her tight snatch. She was still wet from before or had become excited while sucking me.

"I was SOOOO close to coming before. Why did you have to ruin it?" she said. Then she started moving. Short strokes keeping me buried in to the hilt. The pleasure was obvious on her face.

She said. "God, it's so big. I've never felt this before. I LOVE the feeling of your huge hard meat under your loose $%!@ skin."

She rode me by flexing her legs and clenching her $%!@. She was even tighter than before if that was possible. Everytime she lifted she pulled the loose skin up with her. She watched it going in and out of her.

After a while we were both getting close to coming. She said "I told you my greatest fear was $%!@ sex and even though I gave you head and $%!@ed you like I wanted to, you still were going to $%!@ my $%!@. Out of hatred. I made it good for you."

"Well, I know the greatest fear of a man and you will live it firsthand soon. I'm gonna cut out your balls you're so proud of as soon as you have emptied your load into me." she said.

My eyes had been half closed in pleasure but the snapped open now. I looked at her. Oh my God. She meant it. The knife. The towel and the alcohol. Fear ran through me like icewater. How could I keep my manhood? How could I stay intact?

She saw my reaction and now it was her turn to laugh. I tried to struggle again but it was still no use. She increased her rythm and her small breasts bounced in my faced. The come in my balls was boiling for release and there was no way I could last for long. My breathing was hard due to the tape and she was gasping too. I knew we were both close.

Suddenly she ripped the tape off my face. "Do you want to keep you balls stud? Beg me for the life of your balls and maybe I'll let you keep them. Otherwise I'll cut you after you come."

"Please Suzy, let me keep my balls. I'll be good. You will never see me again, I swear. Please don't take my manhood." I begged.

"But wouldn't it be special knowing that this is the last time you will ever come as a man?" She asked. "Didn't you want me to worship them? I'd love to make them part of a human sacrifice."

"Please I beg you, leave me a man. Spare my balls. Please. Please. You're a Christian woman, it would be a sin to cut me there." I was as close to coming as she was. I tried to thrust in her as best I could. Which was crazy becuase she would castrate me after I came. I had to try not to come.

"Go ahead, resist if you can but I can feel your hard shaft in me. Throbbing. I'm on the pill so I want to feel you shoot your big hot load in me. Come on big boy, gimme that come." She chanted, excitement plain on her face. Now it was her getting off on the power rush.

She picked up the pace. I knew I could not resist but I tried anyway. My feelings were hopelessly confused. I needed to come as badly as I ever had even though it would be the end of my balls. Of my manhood. If she had stopped riding me now I might have begged her to continue even at the cost of my balls.

But that wouldn't happen, she varied the pace but would not stop until she came. And felt me pump inside her.

"God, your $%!@ is AWESOME! I'm coming!" She shouted.

So was I. Her $%!@ clamped down on my shaft ever tighter than it already was. She paused for just a instant as she came then started $%!@ing me more slowly moaning all the while. My come boiled up from my balls and up my $%!@. It spewed eight heavy spurts inside her tight gripping $%!@. It was perhaps the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

She slowed and stopped. She was smiling at me face to face. As we both recovered our breath I said "You were just kidding about my balls, weren't you? Please say you were kidding."

"Did it give it an extra kick?" she asked.

With a great sigh of relief I said "Yeah, it sure did."

She squirmed around for a few seconds on my $%!@ before she climbed off and slipped on white satin panties. "I hate to loose these but if anyone ever needs proof of your raping me I want them to at least see my pretty undies."

"Untie me now" I said.

"Not just yet" she said and left the room.

I waited. After about 20 minutes she returned naked again, shoes off too. She said "Panties are ready, now for you."

"Untie me" I said. She responded with a fresh piece of duck tape on my face.

"Hmmm?" I sounded at her.

"You know, its not against the Bible to castrate you. And you did come here as an animal. So I'll castrate you like one now." She said calmly.

"AHHHHHH" I tried to scream. I struggled to free myself, again to no avail.

"I'm doing this naked since I dont want blood on my clothes." she said. She put one foot on the arm of the chair exposing her blond bush, parted $%!@ lips, and still swollen $%!@ to my view. "Like the view? Enjoy it rapist, it will be the last you ever see as a man. Never again will you question the power of a woman. I'm tempted to cut off your $%!@ too or at least that lovely foreskin of yours, but I just can't bring myself to ruin that magnificent $%!@. Besides, I couldn't stop the bleeding and I don't want to kill you if i don't have to."

I wimpered into the tape as she cleaned my crotch and held still as she shaved my balls. Then she washed me off again and rinsed my groin with alcohol. It was very cold and my already shunken with fear $%!@ retracted even further.

"Even now it's bigger than my late husbands $%!@. I want to thank you for the best $%!@ I have ever had. I'll never settle for a small $%!@ again. Too bad yours won't be available in the future, I'll be looking for a real man." she laughed.

"Ready now, watch carefully, this is something that you will never see again." and with that she sliced my scrotum with the alcohol soaked knife.

The pain was horrible. I screamed into the tape again and again. Another slash and then she was cutting something inside. She withdrew the knife and I looked down as she squeezed my sack and out popped my balls, first one then the other, still attached by the cords. I could even see the cords pulse with my heartbeat.

She looked up at me and said "Any last words as a man? No? I didn't think so." She smiled like the devil herself and I can only imagine the look of horror on my face.

The pain was intense. She said "Would you like to stay a man?" I vigorously nodded yes.

"Ok, I'll wait till you are ready." she said. Now she held my exposed testicles in her fingers. I could only watch as she pinched first one then the other between her thumb and forefinger. The pain grew worse. It sickened me. I looked away but she repeated the squeeze again then harder she crushed my testicles flat it seemed. I was hyperventilating the pain was so bad. I looked back down at her and she held her thumbnail to one ball cupped in her hand. "It will keep getting worse until you agree to let me take your balls. Just nod your head to agree to be castrated."

Then she began to torture me in earnest. Her thumbnail crushed down into my ball. Then as she repeated on the other ball. "Just nod when you want this to end." I heard.

"Good, now lets get this over with." she said. I was nodding and not even aware of it. I was wimpering in fear.

She quickly tied a knot with a thread about an inch up from each testicle and then with one last crush between her fingers she pulled it out and sliced the cord with my own knife. A moment later she crushed, pulled, and sliced the other one. It was almost a relief. It still hurt like hell but at least she wasn't torturing me with them any more. Amazing, I was just ball tortured then castrated like a bull and I was relieved. I was fading fast. She said "Remenber, if I ever see you again you are dead. I mean it." Then I was unconcouse.


I woke up in my car in the dark. I don't know how I got there since Suzy could not have moved me on her own. I moved to another city and gave up my rape habits. I healed up. Depression set in. Now I'm alive but wondering why I even bother. Without balls, what am I?


Sorry for its size. Looking foward to read what you think about it