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Should my son be allowed to stay shirtless?

what would you say if it was a girl

Posted by ranul on 2011-12-13 00:07:17

If it had been a girl

Posted by KimJ on 2011-12-19 17:40:46

I was allowed to go shirless in private until puberty. I think it is unfair that guys get to go shirtless and girls don't . I think a girl or woman should be able to go shirtless in the privacy of their own home, even the public beach, as long as it is safe.

Posted by SexAngel on 2021-01-12 10:24:15

Why not? You have framed it as a gender issue but the real question is whether a parent is comfortable with their child being partly Nude in public. Certainly no parent should be embarrassed to see their children Nude in private. I see all of my kids naked at least once a day. The best time for this is one to one time with each kid. For example, my eldest is my 17-yr old daughter. When we have a 121, I have always made her strip naked and looked at her body. When she had her first period, she was not frightened because she had seen my tampons many times. I helped put her first tampon in and then we discussed puberty. I had no hesitation in stripping naked and letting her examine my body. It is the same with my sons, no embarrassment.

As for Nude in public, there is no harm in pushing kids to go as naked as possible. I have always made my kids go naked in parks and on beaches whenever possible.