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Should my son be allowed to stay shirtless?

Going shirtless in hot weather should be the norm!

Posted by RWM on 2011-08-26 17:25:14

There are formal settings in which it is inappropriate for boys to go shirtless, but otherwise it should be the norm for boys to go shirtless in hot weather! Consider the following:

1) There is a need to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution. What sense does it make to have boys put on shirts and then crank up the air conditioning to compensate? And outdoors, where there is no air conditioning, it's important for boys to keep lots of skin exposed in order to allow the body's natural cooling mechanisms (i.e., evaporation of sweat) to function properly so that they can avoid heat stroke while they're exercising.

2) Sunscreens are better than they've ever been before. There is absolutely no need for boys to wear shirts in this day and age just to avoid skin cancer!

3) The principal reason why more boys wear shirts in hot weather nowadays is because they're fat and are ashamed to have people see how bad they look. But the grave health consequences of being fat don't go away just because you hide the fat with a shirt! The more boys keep their shirts off, the more it encourages them to stay slim, fit, and healthy!