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Pressured to be Naked

Who needs to be pressured?

Posted by ge2010 on 2011-08-14 19:08:05

I have friends who have been to Russia and seen many children go nude at the beach. They seem to not mind that they are naked while most if not all of the adults and older children are wearing bathing suits.I think that is why these kids are not shy about their bodies, The kids see girls and boys privates and go about the day with out a care in the world, I live in the USA and people get upset in seeing a toddler naked in a kiddie pool in a neighbors backyard.So bad that the people called the police! I think nobody should pressure anybody against something,but if the learn at a young age that being naked is fine,there is no pressure. It just happens!

Posted by ge2010 on 2011-08-14 23:57:09

Blame the media also. Girls and boys must look a certain way or in the media's eyes they are nothing. Why is there so many girls with eating disorders? I know of children who were raised as nudists, they are older teens now, that were not worried about body image. They are happy well adjusted adults who are content with their own bodies and are not ashamed to be seen naked. Growing up they were never forced to go naked, they just grew up that way.As for religion, you can blame the so called "morale majority" also. I get upset when these religious people try to tell me what I can and cannot do. These narrow minded people always equate nudity and sex,even though they have never been inside a nudist camp. Look at the movies. Today's kids see so much violence and murders that is has become the norm. Some parents will let their kids see violent movies but won't let them see a naked body!

Posted by 2b2gmom on 2011-08-15 00:23:03

As a mother of children who are fully practicing nudists, I think too many conservatives, mainly republicans, are against naturism. I think if you raise your kids right from the start to respect the differences between the sexes, you can avoid issues later in life. Naturism is a liberal leisure and I think most people think that we are wrong in going naked in front of our children and that we are molesting them just by being naked and that all we do is have open sex in front of them! That is FAR from the truth! Naturism teaches body acceptance,gives children self confidence and above all shows RESPECT for each other! Children who are raised into naturism are not a pawn in the media or the morale majority. Too many people don't understand us and that is why we must defend our rights as nudists. If you don't like it don't look and don't make choices for us! We are like any other family, we just don't wear clothes!

Posted by Twilight Sky on 2011-08-19 06:23:32

As a high school guy spending the weekend at a friend's house who had a pool I remember being pressured to get naked and being extremely embarrassed by the situation. It was super hot and he wanted to go in the pool. I didn't want to because I hadn't brought a swimsuit. He really didn't want to swim by his self, so after a lot of back and forth arguing he talked me into swimming naked if he did too. Well no sooner are we naked outside and in the pool far from my clothes than his mom comes home, comes out in her suit, and lays sunbathing by the pool. Well, I was stuck now. I'd just have to wait for her to leave. Then my friend gets bored and want to get out. I'm like, "absolutely not while your mom is here." Once again, he argued, whined, and pressured till I agreed. We made the dash for the house, but his mom yelled and stopped us. We were wet, and she wouldn't let us go in. She got up and went to get some towels, walking right by us, and eyeing me up and down as I clutched my hands over my package red-faced. Eventually, she returned with the towels, and watched us dry off. She insisted on making us hand back the towels before stepping aside and letting us run completely naked inside to our clothes. She always had a wry grin on her face when she talked to me after this experience. Why I ever let friends get me into situations like this, I don't know.

Posted by jimmywonder on 2011-08-28 08:34:41

I dnt think bein naked infront of anyone is somethin to be ashamed of i go around home nude an thats infront of friends an my mum an her friends. It is only a $%!@ an testicles its not goin to kill anyone so chill out . checkout this poll http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/533367