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Kids/Teens: What would you do...

Real situation

Posted by bud2.0 on 2011-12-18 04:56:58

over this past summer i went up to my lake house with my family on the weekend, my grandmother was not yet ready to come up for the summer for only an extra week so my family went back home, 4 hours away, and i had the lake house to my self for a week, when they left i waited an hour to make sure they where gone. I dis robed, laid a towel on the couch as a courtesy and began my nude week. It was the best week of my life, i didn't have to hide what i did on my computer, or what i was watching on tv. I tried out some new $%!@ion techniques and got to sleep nude, all the time. I peed in a bottle so i didn't have to get up. it was amazing. i hope i can do it again soon.

Posted by sukka on 2012-06-05 22:06:25

Last summer my boyfriend and I went hiking for a few days. It was not a full week but our parents thought we were at a certain camp ground, but we had moved on from there as soon as we were sure they had got far enough away not to come back. We found a spot next to a river and pitched our tent. As soon as our tent was up we went inside and got our sleeping bags sorted and all our kit stowed. We then stripped off and went for a swim and as we got out of the river I suggested we stay naked. So we did and had a good time with each other. We did not put on anything until it was time to get back to the campsite where we were to be picked up two days later.