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Losing a shoe in public (guys only)

Guy Missing a Shoe

Posted by giannischicchi45 on 2013-10-28 20:19:39

I was working late once at a gas station. Around 2am, a car pulled in to get some gas, which is rare, but not THAT uncommon in a college town. A guy got out and started to pump. He was pretty cute, maybe 21, in a casual plaid button-down and skinny jeans. I couldn't help but keep an eye on him through the window. He looked nervous, though, and kept looking down. Even after he finished pumping, he stood behind his car for a moment, looking down, then up at the store, giving me a nervous little crooked grin. Then he looked back down, shrugged, and started walking towards the store.

A little embarrassed, I looked down at my book while he walked in. I heard the ring as he opened the door, nodded hello (trying to be cool...), and he gave that crooked grin again and asked for a restroom. I pointed him down the far aisle and watched as he turned around and headed towards it. Then I saw it. I knew exactly why he'd been looking down and nervous about coming in.

"Are you seriously only wearing one shoe?"

He froze. "Dammit," I heard him mutter. I looked again. Sure enough, on his left foot he wore one ripped old converse low-top, and his right sported only a white no-show sock. He quickly tried to hide his shoeless foot, tucking it behind him as he turned around, looking sad and embarrassed. I felt so bad for him. He looked so kind. What had happened to leave him stranded in this one-shod state?

At this point another car pulled in. I didn't want to embarrass him, so I simply said "Just be careful not to step on anything," and I nodded towards the restroom. When the other car left, I gently knocked on the door and let him know it was empty. He came out and walked up to the counter to pay for a drink. I asked him politely what happened, trying to smile and cheer him up. He told me he had just gotten out of work and he was trying to walk and change at the same time, and he tripped while putting his shoe on and dropped it down an open drain. He said he had a 4-hour drive north and he didn't have a spare pair, and he was nervous about walking into a store with one shoe to buy a new pair.

I looked down at my own shoes, new black converse low tops. I looked back as his single, torn old lonely chuck and his socked foot. I couldn't help myself. "What size are you?" I asked.

"Nine, why...?"

"Give me your shoe."

"What? Why?"

"We'll trade."

His face lit up! I slid off my shoes and after a bit of coaxing, he agreed to the trade. He thanked me again and again, and I'll admit I enjoyed seeing him smile. He left me his name to friend him on facebook, and he left. I'll admit I admired him a little more after my night was over. It's hard being stuck with only one shoe, and harder yet to walk into a store knowing other people will see you!

Posted by paulty73 on 2013-10-30 22:24:17

great story, what was his shoe like? have you still got it?

Posted by giannischicchi45 on 2015-10-19 10:44:04

I was walking through a park late at night to clear my head. It was dark, but in a safe part of town with just enough light that I wasn't worried. I came to one of my favorite little grassy banks along the river, and I decided to sit, enjoy the view, and text some of my friends before heading home. I stepped off the path and onto the grass, but it was a little wet and I slipped. I frantically threw my other foot in front of myself to stop my fall...right into the quicksand-like mud on the edge of the river.

I tried to pull my foot out, and immediately felt my heel start to slide out of my old converse sneaker, and the cold mud flooding my shoe. I didn't want to sacrifice my shoe, so I stopped and grabbed a thick fallen branch to try and pry my foot out. Unfortunately, the stick snapped as I was pulling and the force of it threw me back onto the grass. When I looked up, I saw one old red Converse low-top and one red-and-white DC no show sock. I stood up and ran to the edge to try and salvage my shoe, but it was too late: it had been swallowed by the mud. I had to walk almost two miles back home with only one shoe on, trying to hide my shoeless foot from everyone I passed.

Posted by Gfire on 2015-10-23 22:20:07

I've had something like that happen to me before as well. I was playing football with some friends, and while running to get the ball, I stepped into some mud and my foot immediately sunk in. My friend helped me in pulling me out, but as he was doing it my shoe slipped off and was taken by the mud, leaving me in the grass with only one shoe and my white nike sock