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Restraining Kids (harness, leash etc.)

Nothing wrong with restraints

Posted by badassjosh on 2004-09-25 20:43:42

I don't see anything wrong with child restraints and some children need it. I think it 16 is the maximum age for restraints and confinement. Any restraining after that age is useless. Even 16 are a little too old sometimes.

I knew a friend in High School that whenever she got in trouble (like bad grades) her parents would harness her and confine her to the bed. She too wore diapers since bathroom breaks were even restricted. The punishment works better than spanking because spanking can harm a child’s emotional development. She was about 14-15 years old when she got harnessed the most. She came out to be a good girl. So there is nothing wrong with restraints and confinement. A lot of selfish kids today need it.

Also in this day and age where kidnapping and raping is becoming ever so numerous, restraints are needed to protect children. Teen girls are especially venerable to psycho path rapist attacks.

Posted by Christine on 2004-09-27 08:02:25

========== In Reply To ========== She was about 14-15 years old when she got harnessed the most.

How did they fit her? I'm 15 and have a wrist lead but i couldn't get into a harness now. I had one at 12 from my childminder, and it was so tight I could hardly breathe when she put it on me. It was a leather baby one with two shoulder straps and a plate at the front.

Posted by badassjosh on 2004-09-27 08:21:58

It was some time ago, so I don't remember to well. However, the harness actually fit her perfectly. There was actually a shop that sold harnesses and confining devices for teens.

This was more of a bed Harness. I remember seeing her on time when I came over to her house how it was worn. Her arms were chained back and her legs were tied together. The harness was wrapped around her body and it had a rope sticking out of it grabed on to a part of the bed so she couldn't even turn over.

She wore a long sleeping gown with diapers under it.

What is a wrist lead? Never heard of it.

Posted by Christine on 2004-09-27 09:17:55

========== In Reply To ========== What is a wrist lead? Never heard of it.

It is a dog lead that the lady puts on me when we go out to hold me. She holds one end and there is a chain which connects to a fastened loop on my wrist. If I try to pull her when we are out I get slapped.

Posted by badassjosh on 2004-09-28 03:20:32

So where do you live? What Country and/or State? Just curious to see what places except this more or not.

So in general, do you hate it? What happens if you try to run away? Just Curious.