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Gay or not?

gay or not

Posted by curtdude on 2011-06-04 15:36:34

There are certain situations that you just help a buddie rubbing medication on his thing is gay he needs to get somone else to do that but I did have a buddy that broke is arm in a few places and they set it in a way that he needed help. So he was a idiot and wore button up 501's and he went to the restroom and i heard him yell for help when i went in there he could not button them back up. he had already stuffed his tool back in his boxers he just could not button up the fly. So i helped him out and buttoned his fly for him IMHO that is not gay i did not touch his $%!@ i just buttoned his fly up


Posted by mister tom on 2011-06-08 14:43:07

none of these things actually determines if a person is gay or not. Let's assume that you are straight. Could you actually believe that you would suddenly turn gay if you participated in one of these situations? Even if you enjoy or fantasize about doing some of these things it doesn't make you gay. Sexuality isn't about two extremes, it's a whole spectrum with infinite variations. Nowadays too many young people use the word "gay" to describe things that are perhaps not typical of the macho image. When used this way, it has absolutely nothing to do with a person's sexual preferences.

Posted by sruguy on 2011-06-10 01:29:41

Well put