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Nudism and public life

Additional answers to questions

Posted by Skyfox on 2011-05-07 22:19:17

I'd like to clarify my thoughts on a couple of the questions and offer additional replies that should have been made available.

First, in the question "Regarding children and nudity", either replacing or in addition to the answers "Every ??? should have the chance to see a naked ???" should be the selections of, "No ??? should be prevented from seeing a naked ???". I would also add a generic answer of "No person of any age should be prevented from seeing anyone else naked." The reason is that the state of nudity, and the nude human body, are absolutely natural and very beautiful. To assign a value of being harmful to either one does nobody any good because it causes individuals and society overall to devalue the bodies of others as well as themselves as something dirty, shameful, sinful, and embarrassing when in fact it is none of those. Also, in addition to the answer of, "Every child should have the chance to be naked outdoors," should also be "Every adult should have the chance to be naked outdoors" or "Every person of any age should have the chance to be naked outdoors." Once again, it is a perfectly natural, very beautiful, and wonderfully comfortable experience.

In the question, "Should the government permit nudism?", there should be a selection that says something like, "The government should allow nudity/make it legal everywhere" rather than specific secluded locations. While legally permitting it in secluded locations is a good step in the right direction as opposed to criminalizing even private nudity, there is no logical or rational reason for the government to criminalize the human body or mere simple harmless nudity. The state of nudity should be viewed as an individual's free right for selection of how they dress, just as they might choose long pants over shorts or denim over khaki. To wear no clothing is an individual's right and the excuse of "somebody might be offended to see it" is a very poor excuse for turning nudity into a crime. There are other things that are far more offensive that are perfectly legal. For example, you're sitting at a stop light in your car and the car behind you is blasting a stereo with subwoofer that is so loud that it's making the reflection in your mirrors vibrate. Even if you plugged your ears you would still be able to hear and feel that awful noise, yet in many places that is not illegal. At the same time, there is a person walking down the sidewalk completely nude. It bothers you to see nudity, so to escape that offense all you have to do is look in another direction, such as at the red light to watch for it to change. That person's nudity is easily avoided and the brief sight of it causes no harm to him/herself, you, or anyone else; the idiot with the loud stereo is definitely harming his own hearing, could potentially harm someone else's hearing, and creates a situation where emergency vehicle sirens would not be heard.

Laws that prohibit nudity came from antiquated Victorian views that are rooted in religious doctrine (which contributes to their unconstitutionality) and do nothing more than maintain the tradition of "what society has always done". New laws against nudity get put into place with the same invalid basis and always without any real research, studies, logic, or rational thinking to give them any sort of a firm backing.

My neighbors burn their garbage and pollute the air I breathe, and it's completely legal. I could walk to the mailbox naked and get arrested for it. Where is the common sense?


Posted by Annaber on 2011-05-24 22:16:10

It's too bad there were no responses like "it really doesn't matter". It isn't a matter of should or should not kids see adults nude, or other permutations of that theme, but it really doesn't matter if they do or not. It's like eating eggplant; no body should be forced to eat it prohibited to eat it. If they happen to encounter it on their plat fine, but it isn't a should or should not matter.

Government control is a fine line; government is supposed to reflect the views of the people, and here there is no consensus. If a person believes that nudity is offensive and wish to avoid it should t be forced on them? Isn't that the same as them forcing us to wear clothes? Since there is 2 sides to the issue everybody needs to be sensitive to the other. I am an artist not a political scientist so I can't imagine how to balance that, but cramming it down their throats doesn't feel right to me. Your examples are full of situations where people are being inconsiderate of others, but multiple wrongs do not make a right. We should all be working on getting along, finding the happy medium, trying to accomodate points of view we do not subscribe to, not belittling their viewpoint.