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Nudism and public life


Posted by nudist0885 on 2011-04-29 17:45:54

I'm a nudist, naturist, clothing optional enthusiast, and to a very large degree a "self professed super psycho clothing optional freak".

I can never get enough of being without clothes, seeing other people without clothes, or being with other people when we are all without clothes.

I've been nude all over the place (even in public locations where nudity was illegal) and I was EASILY seen by others (who may have even been slightly offended at the time).

I go streaking in public locations that even certain porn stars would be afraid to be nude at.

I can tell you from MANY years (and experiences) of nude recreation history that there are thousands of places all over this country where people COULD engage in nude recreation without offending other people who would prefer to not see it themselves.

It's just that those of them who are "textiles" or even "closet nudists" don't get how easy it is to be nude in public locations all over the country where their nakedness would cause very little (IF ANY) public disgust.

They just don't get it.

More at a later date.

Posted by Skyfox on 2011-05-07 22:34:45

I completely agree with what Skinny-Dipper said. I also started out with nudism just over 20 years ago, and it enabled me to go from somebody who was hysterically modest (meaning, paranoid terror) about being seen naked, as well as seeing others naked, to a person who is absolutely comfortable with being seen nude by others, seeing others nude, and comfortable with my own nude body. As I've described in other MP poll message boards, when I say hysterically modest I mean I had to cover over every photo of a person's face on every newspaper and magazine in the bathroom before I could remove any clothes to use the toilet or shower. Yes, I was afraid to be seen naked by pictures. It terrified me, and at that young age I never had the presence of mind to question why I should be so afraid. I'd also go to great lengths to make sure the bathroom curtain covered every sliver of open window so that not even someone at the top of the tree outside could look down and see the floor through a crack in the curtain. This was between the ages of about 8 and 13. How's that for a healthy mental development in a child, you people opposed to nudity?

Anyway, it wasn't until about 13 or 14 that I started experimenting with nudity. I was just going into puberty and since the view of nudity that was imposed on my young mind equated nudity to sex, it was a sexually exciting thing for me to explore. Over a short span of time (and to keep this story short) I got over my fears of nudity a little step at a time, each time feeling great relief that the world didn't end and I didn't get in huge trouble just because I was naked in my bedroom, in the living room, outdoors at night, outdoors during the day, etc. I grew to become extremely comfortable with nudity because of how perfectly natural it felt. I still had to keep my interests in nudity secret from my family because, after all, they raised me to be so terribly embarrassed about nudity. Their immaturity about the subject would never allow them to accept it or even discuss it with me (I tried; it didn't go well).

For many, many years now I've wished that I'd been raised in a family that at least accepted nudity as natural and no big deal even if we weren't actually nudists. I would have had so much more self confidence and such a better self image going through school as compared to how I really was. There have been numerous studies that showed how much children benefited from being raised in either a naturist/nudist family or in a family that was casual about nudity, and since I've seen both sides of nudity (fear vs. comfort) I can confirm that the benefit is absolutely true.

In my other topic here I talked a little bit about the government and laws criminalizing nudity so I won't go into it much here. I will say that laws against simple, natural, casual, everyday, nonsexual nudity are absolutely unjust, unconstitutional, and oppressive. Ditto the laws that criminalize the female breasts.

Everybody should have the protected free right to be nude or clothed, however they choose, without fear, harassment, persecution, or legal prosecution.


Posted by Annaber on 2011-05-24 22:01:37

As a little girl I remember running around the neighborhood and playing in the sprinklers on hot summer afternoons nude, as were the rest of the kids. It was no big deal. Somehow when I hit puberty it became a big deal to others, but not to me. I now live in a Condo but on hot summer days I still go check the mail or go to the laundry or the pool nude, and it isn't a big deal. When I go back home for a visit I still go play in the front yard in the sprinklers nude with my younger siblings. But I am not a nudist; I really don't care. If it is more comfortable I am nude, or if I am going to paint or something where it is more practical. I guess for me nudity is like how I wear my hair; up or down depending on what is more comfortable and what makes sense based on what I am going to be doing. Much ado about nothing.

Posted by James H on 2011-06-01 14:06:51

Running in the sprinkler nude was lots of fun on a hot day. By the time I was a teenagert though I prefered to go to a private beach with friends then show it off for the whole street to see. Guess I was a little self concious then. Now that I'm a loittle older and not so worried that junior is going to pop to attention without warning I'm more comfortable beng nude. Don't think the condo would like me swimming in the pool or hanging around the laundry nude.

Posted by Annaber on 2011-06-01 20:43:42

I remember when I was about 11 or 12 I was playing in the sprinklers nude in our front yard with my siblings and a passerby made the comment to my mom to the effect that wasn't I a bit too old to be playing in the sprinklers nude. Mom just laughed and told them it was up to me. I thought the whole thing funny because had they come by at a different time mom might have been in the sprinklers nude with us! LOL! I was never self concious about nudity, although I went through the typical phase where I thought I was too fat or too thin or too small chected or too big chested or had horrible features or that there was some other thing wrong with me. I did go through a period of what I guess you might call self conciousness when I was in 6th grade. I was the only girl in the class, maybe in the school, that had noticible boobs, and I was embarassed because I was different. I stopped skinny dipping and would wear clothes to hide my boobs, and went so far as to tape them to make them look smaller. In 7th grade qute a few girls had noticible boobs and I didn't stand out so much any more and I didn't worry about it. The issue however really wasn't nudity it was about standing out and being different, which nudity facilitated in this case. I don't know about "hanging around" because I am too busy but I live in a condo and if I go to the laundry room and decide I want to wash what I am wearing I will strip down and finish starting the load(s) and go back to the condo nude, and nobody has complained as far as I know. I also skinny dip in the pool, and I am not the only one, and nobody has complained as far as I know. Oh there is the usual foolishness that Alan Fun of candid camera found in the show "what do you say to a naked lady" but that is just awkwardness and not a complaint.