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Wearing sneakers and shoes very loose

Losing sneakers

Posted by boertje175 on 2011-03-25 18:06:15

Did you loose your sneaker(s)? Please tell!

Posted by outside in sox on 2011-04-03 18:04:50

I met a friend i didn't see for a long time and went to see him later. After some time we were walking his dog next to a canal. I had a cigarette and when i finished it i wanted to kick it in the water. But in stead of the cigarette my shoe went flying. It landed in the water and kept afloat so i didn't panic too much expecting it to come back soon. Then i learnt converse all stars don't float..... for long anyway...

I wished i would tie my shoelaces, but i still don't. If that means i loose a shoe so now and then..... so be it!

Posted by Gfire on 2011-04-15 21:38:57

Me and a few friends were playing football at a park. My friend threw the ball into some bushes a few feet away. I went after the ball, and steeped into a deep mud puddle. I tried to pull my foot out, but it wouldn't budge. My friend had to lift me out of the mud puddle. When he did, I was only wearing one shoe since my shoe fell off in the mud and sunk deep in it. I couldn't get it, so I had to walk home in one shoe and a muddy sock.

Posted by Gfire on 2011-06-27 12:12:05

Once I had kicked a rock in the road, and one of my Adidas flew over a fence into someone's yard. I couldn't climb the fence, so I had to knock on that person's door, and hop through their house in one shoe to get to the backyard to get my shoe, which apparently landed in their tree

Posted by outside in sox on 2011-07-28 16:35:00

Even switching seats in the cinema is dangerous. I did just that but forgot my shoes. I took them off when we took our first seat but when the movie ended there were no shoes there anymore. I was wearing white socks and had to look someone up with a flashlight wearing no shoes. When i found someone from the staff she helped me look for the shoes but found nothing. I suspected my friends of hiding them, and maybe they did.. but my shoes didn't magically re-appear, so in the end we left the cinema and i still wasn't wearing shoes.