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Same-Sex Marriage

What If?

Posted by Studs Johanson on 2011-03-14 21:51:43

If a guy and a woman were to get married and they can trace their family to the Greek isle of Lesbos. This would make them both Lesbians! They could not marry! Then there are Marlo Thomas and her dad Danny Thomas. They're both Lebanese thespians. Pretend you have a speech impediment and try saying Lebanese thespian really fast. Next drunk call some marriage chapels and say "Lebanese thespians" the same way and and ask if you, as a Lebanese thespian, can marry another "Lebanese thespian". What if you were famous author Gay Talese and wanted to marry. No, you could not. Seriously, tens of thousands have done the same sex marriage thing and absolutely nothing evil has happened to anybody. This is as bad as all those laws against racially mixed marriage we had while a large percent of the population had both European and African relatives. President Jefferson had a girlfriend named Sally Hemmings and they produced mixed race kids who had children. Strom Thurmand had a kid with a Black woman while being a racist.