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Girls, did your boyfriend make you go barefoot?

How I made my girlfriend go barefoot

Posted by burningspear on 2011-07-28 09:45:30

To start a discussion here, I will tell you about one of my own experiences with my girlfriend. When we first met, it was winter and she used to wear socks and boots. Nevertheless I soon discovered that she had really sweet feet and hoped to see them bare as much as possible in summer. When spring came, unfortunately I had to discover that she prefered a rather sporty outfit with socks and trainers. So I started to plan how to "teach" her to dress like I wanted to see her. At first I told her every now and then that she was such a beautiful girl (what she really is!) that she did not have to hide her body. I told her that I would like to see her in a more feminine outfit. So she did me the favour to go out with me in a nice dress and sandals. She looked really gorgous but this was for me just the starting point. I asked her quite often to wear dresses or skirts and sandals, told her to take her shoes off whenever she was at my home and also to walk around barefoot in her house. Furthermore, when we went to the park I encouraged her to take her shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass. I also asked if she used nail polish, and as she didn't, I bought her some and she started to paint her toe nails. I told her at every occasion that she had beautiful feet and that they were far too nice to hide them in her trainers. More and more she started to change her style and even bought some pairs of new sandals. She also got used to walk barefoot in a house, what she rarely did before. Then I decided to take the next step: we wanted to take a walk in the neighbourhood on a sunny evening and as she had already been barefoot in my house, I asked her to go out without her shoes. She was really embarrassed but she did it for me. We strolled around for about an hour and when we came back home, she told me that it had been nice to feel the warm ground under her soles but that she was afraid all the time to either step into something or meet someone she knew. So I decided that she needed some more confidence to walk barefoot in public. Therefore, I wanted to bring her into situations where she had no other choice than to walk barefoot. I took her for some more barefoot walks around the neighbourhood in the next days and she started to get used to it. After two weeks, I did not even have to tell her to leave her shoes at my home when we went for our evening stroll as she started to go out barefoot without asking. At the same time, I got the chance to look into her gym bag right before school and I took her trainers of secretly. She told me afterwards that she had obviously forgotten her shoes and therefore had to take part in her PE lesson in bare feet, what she had never done before. I succeeded in hiding her trainers one more time, but the third time she caught me and was quite angry with me. But when I asked her if it had been that bad to do PE barefoot she admitted that she found it quite funny. So we agreed that she would from now on take part in gymnastics and volleyball lessons in her bare feet but was allowed to wear shoes when playing soccer or in track & field lessons. Soon after that the big day came: I took her to school in my car in the morning and as she had no PE lesson, I knew that she had no other shoes than the sandals on her feet. Furthermore she wore an nice summer dress and panties (nowadays she also goes commando, but that is another story). When she wanted to get out of the car, I asked her if she loved me. As she said yes, of course, I asked her to prove it by taking her sandals off and leaving them in the car. She was totally dumbstricken at first but she did it without protest. So I drove off and left her for a barefoot school day. As I was very curious about her experiences, I finished work early this day to pick her up when she finished her school day. I found her standing in front of her school with some other girls, barefoot as I had left her. I was really happy that she got into my car as I was not sure if I had gone to far in the morning. She told me that at first it was very embarrassing for her as her class mates all stared at her feet and made some comments. But as she got mainly positive comments both by boys and girls, she started to relax and feel better. After a short time, she had almost forgotten that she had no shoes and walked around like every day. One teacher asked her why she was barefoot and she told him that it was nice to walk barefoot in the summer! During the school day she realized that her soles got jet-black, blacker than ever before, but she started to like it. Taken as a whole, the day was not at all that bad as she had expected in the morning. From this day, I made her a real barefooter and I might tell you more stories about it (as well as about nude outdoor activities, stuffed pussies and all the things I did with her in the next years). But now, I want to read some of your experiences first! Tell me what you make your girlfriend do (or, if you are a girl, what your boyfriend does to you) and how she gets along with it!

Posted by Lori16 on 2012-06-26 06:53:39

I love to do things for my boyfriend. I was also a shoes and socks person. It was the way Mom wanted me to dress. Mom never went without socks. I had a crush on this guy my boyfriend now. I was just out hanging around with some friends of mine when he came along with a friend of his. We started talking to them. My one friend her foot was hurting her. The boys wanted to go for a walk. We was going if I had to carry my friend. She didn't want to go because her foot hurt her because of her shoe. He said why don't you girls take off your shoes and socks. I took my shoes off and tryed to get myfriend to take hers off. I think he kind of liked her better. Things changed in a hurry. He asked me to go without them. I jumped right on that with a quick lets go. He picked up my shoes and took them to his car. The ground hurt my feet like hell. I tryed not to show it. We went for a short walk. He told me how nice my feet looked and loved barefoot or girls that didn't wear much on their feet. He asked me out. Mom didn't like it but I went shopping for flip flops and a pair of sandals that almost didn't have any top to them. It was spring and the weather kind of turned cold I wore the flip flops anyways. Most of the girls that day were wearing boots other shoes and socks. I was the only one without socks and flip flops. My feet were freezing. He told me how nice it was to see me not wearing socks and shoes that he could see my feet. The next day I packed up my boots and socks and put them away with some other winter clothes so I couldn't get to them. I tryed to be barefoot as much as I could to get my feet use to it. I never knew when my boyfriend would tell me to leave my shoes in the car and go barefoot. I love doing it for him it makes me feel good. The first time it rained it was heavy and cold he had me go barefoot. Things were not going well with Mom she wanted to kick me out. Winter was coming. My boyfriend told me I could move in with him but he would like it if I didn't bring any socks or boots and better yet no panties. He had me going a few time a week without them but not with a skirt or dress. He loves it when I wear a dress best a skirt next all short. The next week I knew I would not see him so I wore a dress or skirt to school all week without panties to see what it was like. When he got back from his trip. I moved in without any boots, socks or panties. In the apartment I never wore shoes and even went out to get the mail barefoot rain snow what ever barefoot. I love doing things like this for him. Its funny in the summer time if I try to go to store barefoot I get kicked out. When their is snow and ice on the ground no one checks. He always parks way out in the lot so I have to walk a ways barefoot in snow to get in the store. I even leave wet barefoot prints on the floor and no one notices them. Its not many prints anyways but you would think the greater at the door would see them. Now I am out of school and working. I work in a cubicle almost all day. I wear hi heeled sandals to work but take them off as soon as I get their. I go to the restroom most of the time barefoot. Boyfriend got me wearing a dress to work everyday with nothing under it.

Posted by Mrs.kelly on 2012-07-26 04:49:38

When I was in 9th grade I met my husband. We where together for about 3 weeks when I noticed he liked bare feet. He was at my birthday party and took my shoes in a joking manner. We broke up for a while (completely unrelated to bare feet lol) and then when we got back together it went full force lol. The first day back together he took my toe socks and tied them in a knot about 10 times and told me my feet where beautiful. After that he kept taking them jokingly but I knew that is what he really wanted was for me to go barefoot. One time we where at the mall and I would go shoe and sock less for him but in the situation we where with my friends and I was embarrassed. So he said he would walk out to the car with me so I could put my bags down and then he took off my boots one at a time then my socks and he locked them in the car. The whole rest of the day at the mall I walked around with my friends and they didn't say one word. it made me feel a lot more comfortable with my bare ness lol.

I had always been a sock and boot kinda girl untill I met my husband but ever since that day at the mall all I wear is heels or flip flops or nothing. Even in the winter. He once dropped me off at school and took my shoes but what he didn't tell me was he was leaving early for a vacation and I wouldn't have them for a week. I didn't have anymore shoes because he had hidden them lol. I still don't do it everyday like he would like but I feel like it teases him more if I stand there with flip flops on and act as though I'm about to take them off and then at the last second scratch my foot and keep walking. I drives him nuts. Lol.

Posted by barefoot_anja on 2012-08-03 10:50:26

Before I met my boyfriend I was really shy about me feet and usually wore socks and trainers. But he made me a real barefooter step by step. Now I walk barefoot everywhere he wants me to. I still often feel embarrassed but as I love him, I do it for him (well, I might also be a bit submissive). Since the middle of April, I have spent more days at school barefoot than in my shoes. He loves to put me into embarrassing situations where I have to walk barefoot, e. g. in really public places like a supermarket or a club (I am 17 years old but here in Germany I am allowed to go to a bar or club) or where it is really dirty like in a car park. He likes my soles most when they are pitch black. And he always wants me to style my feet with nail polish (sometimes I have to use different colors at the same time), toerings and barefoot sandals. He also loves to write things on my soles or my feet and I have to go out in public like this, e. g. I went to school with a visible writing "little barefoot girl" across my feet. Summer holidays started one week ago and I hardly ever wore shoes since then. Furthermore, he often makes me wear very short skirts or dresses and go commando in public and he loves to stuff my $%!@ with all kinds of weird objects.

Posted by Meghan L on 2016-06-15 17:38:30

No one made me go barefoot, nor does anyone now. I love going barefoot & I do of my own choice.

I've had an experience the opposite of your girlfriend's, where a guy didn't like my being barefoot.

It was a blind date on a very warm summer evening so I went barefoot, wearing a pretty sundress. When he showed up he saw my bare feet & asked me where my shoes were. When I told him I hadn't worn any he replied f*ck that & walked off, leaving me standing there. But obviously he wasn't my type & it's a good thing I determined that before spending too much time.

My husband loves how I go barefoot all the time, & when our relationship became more serious he started going barefoot with me.